🏝 35 Best Beaches of Hawaii: All 6 Islands! (2024)

Best beaches of Hawaii blog cover image.  Text overlaying a photo of a girl in a bikini lying on white sand by the shadow of a palm tree and turquoise water.

From red sand beaches to palm tree oases to turtle sanctuaries, Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world.

And it’s not just Oahu and Maui with cause to boast! Having visited all inhabited Hawaiian islands personally (excluding the Forbidden Island of Ni’ihau), we feel confident stating that each island has something uniquely beautiful to contribute to the best beaches of Hawaii list.

We have created this guide to showcase what we consider to be the top beaches in Hawaii on EACH island, including our own personal photos from each.

These beaches range from the quintessential, postcard-perfect tropical beaches to volcanic black shorelines and even a red sand beach!

🏝 Overview of the Best Hawaiian Beaches

There are a lot of ways to qualify what makes one beach superior to another.

Be that the softness of the sand, the warmth of the water, the solitude, the color, the overall beauty, or just the general, intangible aloha vibes present there.

While you cannot feel a photo, they are worth 1000 words. Accordingly, we are going to let our images do most of the talking!

Throughout this guide, we have provided photos and short descriptions of the Top 5 beaches of Hawaii for each island. At a glance, these are:

List of the Best Beaches of Hawaii for Each Island


  1. Lanikai Beach
  2. Laniakea Beach
  3. Ka’a’awa Beach
  4. Kailua Beach
  5. Waikiki Beach


  1. Secret Cove Beach
  2. Red Sand Beach (Kaihalulu)
  3. Makena Beach
  4. Kihei / Wailea Beach
  5. Kaanapali Beach


  1. Hanalei Beach
  2. Poipu Beach / Shipwreck Beach
  3. Polihale Beach
  4. Tunnels Beach
  5. Ke’e Beach

Big Island

  1. Mahaiula & Makalawena Beach
  2. Waipi’o Valley Black Sand Beach
  3. Papakolea Green Sand Beach
  4. Punalu’u Black Sand Beach
  5. Hapuna Beach


  1. Hulopo’e Bay Beach
  2. Shark’s Bay Beach
  3. Shipwreck Beach
  4. Poihua Beach
  5. Lopa Beach


  1. Halawa Bay
  2. Papohaku Beach
  3. Kapukahehu Beach
  4. One Ali’i Beach Park
  5. Murphy’s Beach


🌴 Best Beaches on Oahu

When it comes to those quintessential toes in the sand, palm trees swaying, and crystal clear water beaches of the tropics, Oahu is unbeatable.

Each of the Hawaiian islands has its own distinct charm, but Oahu lays claim to the best beaches of Hawaii.

1. Lanikai Beach

A photo of Sophie under a palm tree on a beautiful sunny day at Lanikai Beach on Oahu.

The best beach in Hawaii is Lanikai Beach of Oahu. Every detail of this stunning destination feels perfectly arranged, as if plucked straight from your imagination.

The shoreline is a luxuriously soft white sand beach, the ocean waters are warm and run every shade of green and blue, and the rustling palm trees overhead let you know that you’ve found true paradise.

Swimming in the waters of Lanikai is like paddling into a postcard. If there is one beach in Oahu that qualifies for a Hawaiian bucket list, this is the one!

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2. Laniakea Beach

A green sea turtle, or honu, rests on the golden sand with palm trees and ocean visible in the background at Laniakea Beach in Oahu, one of the best beaches in Hawaii.

The North Shore of Oahu is mostly famous for the surf, but it is also home to some of the best beaches in Hawaii. Among them is Laniakea Beach, the most popular shoreline for tourists and “honu” alike.

Most afternoons, both humans and sea turtles will likely be resting on the golden sand of Laniakea Beach, soaking in some sunshine.

Speaking of which, please do not bother the turtles; they do not enjoy having lines of strangers trying to take selfies with them any more than you would!

3. Ka’a’awa Beach

Sophie Marland doing a handstand on Ka'a'awa Beach in Oahu.  Palm trees and jurassic mountains in the background, along with white sand make this one of the best beaches in Hawaii for photography.

Ka’a’awa Beach is highly photogenic with its mountainous background and swaying palms.

If you are looking for something less artificial or “resort” and more natural, this hidden gem is as good as it gets on Oahu!

While the others in this list all have a bit more to offer experientially, this one is perhaps the best for photos in Oahu as the only one that includes the Jurassic mountains in the frame.

4. Kalama Beach Park

Sweeping views of turquoise water and white sand at Kalama Beach Park, one of the most popular beaches in Hawaii.

Kalama Beach Park is touted as one of the best beaches of Hawaii, meaning it is also among the most crowded.

The white sand and turquoise water beckon tourists like a Hawaiian siren call.

You will find Kailua Beach Park in Kailua on the southeast side of Oahu, very close to Lanikai Beach.

Being so close in proximity, it is similar in aesthetics and features. The biggest difference is that rather than swaying palms, the beach is surrounded by trees and shrubbery.

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5. Waikiki Beach

View of Waikiki Beach in Honolulu and Diamond Head in the background as seen from a high rise hotel.

The most famous beach in Hawaii has to be Waikiki Beach.

This is the main tourist hub of Oahu and the one you have most likely heard of. Ironically, the perfectly maintained beach for which Waikiki is known has been forced to import most of its sand at this point due to significant erosion!

Waikiki Beach is where you go to get a cocktail with an umbrella and swim in an infinity pool next to the ocean. It is what is on the brochure cover for every Hawaiian vacation.

For many, it’s the dream come to life; for others, it is a tourist trap they can’t escape quickly enough.

The good news is that there are enough beaches on Hawaii for everyone to be happy!

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πŸ– Best Beaches on Maui

Golden sand and green vegetation align the water front on a Hawaiian beach at sunset.

Most would agree that Oahu has the best beaches on Hawaii, but those that prefer a bit of character and drama may prefer the beaches of Maui.

In fact, having spent time on all of the Hawaiian islands, I would say that Maui has the most diversity in its beaches.

Some are red, some black, some gold, some are lined with lava rock, and some are the quintessential tropical vibes you expect.

Below are the Top 5 Maui beaches and all of their variety!

1. Secret Cove Beach

A sunstar behind waves crashing against volcanic rock at Secret Cove Beach in Maui, one of the most picturesque beaches in Hawaii

Secret Cove Beach is the most beautiful beach on Maui… for those who can find it!

This semi-hidden gem has no official sign or parking area, helping to preserve its isolation.

That said, nothing is secret in Hawaii anymore, and you should expect to set your towel down amongst plenty of other beach-goers.

In addition to a lovely patch of sand for laying out a towel, the lava rock at Secret Cove channels in some incredible wave action.

This is incredibly photogenic as the sun goes down and shines through the turquoise water of the Pacific Ocean.


2. Red Sand Beach (Kaihalulu)

Speaking only of its beauty, Maui’s Red Sand Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in the entire world. It is undeniably one of the most unusual as well!

This red and pink sand beach is tucked away in a small cove amidst vibrant greenery and golden palm trees. Tropical green and blue water flows in and out, completing a picture of paradise.

Be aware that this is a clothing-optional beach and is difficult, even dangerous to access. Parking is a challenge unto itself, and the trail is steep and unmarked besides!

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3. Makena Beach (Little & Big Beach)

An aerial view of Makena Beach (Big Beach and Little Beach) on Maui

Makena Beach is a favorite Maui beach for locals and tourists alike. It is actually two beaches, Big Beach and Little Beach, at the base of a large caldera and separated by a short hike.

Most families and mainlanders stick to the spacious and accessible Big Beach. This is fine by the locals, of course, who are happy to hike to Little Beach for a bit more solitude.

Little Beach was once home to the Maui drum circle, but that has since moved to Chang’s Beach nearby.


4. Kihei / Wailea Beach

A whale breaches off the shores of Wailea Beach from the Four Seasons Resort in Maui at sunset.
A whale breaches off the shores of Wailea Beach from the Four Seasons Resort in Maui.

The southwest coastline of Maui is where you will find some of the best beaches in Hawaii by traditional standards.

It is the Maui version of Oahu’s Waikiki. In other words, everything is meticulously maintained to provide a quintessential Hawaiian beach experience for guests of the beachfront resorts.

Don’t let that stop you from enjoying these spectacular beaches, though! Wailea Beach and the nearby beaches of Kihei are popular for very good reasons.

Imagine pinching soft golden sand between your toes while Mauna Kahalawai looms majestically in the background and a whale breaches just offshore. This is the experience awaiting you in Wailea or Kihei Beach (whale not guaranteed).


5. Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali Beach is one of the best beaches of Hawaii.

Kaanapali Beach is the best beach in the region of the island known as “Western Maui.”

It is located near the town of Lahaina, which is amongst the most popular places to visit and stay on the island.

It is also considered one of the best beaches for snorkeling in Maui, so be sure to bring your mask!

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Bonus: Olowalu

Olowalu Beach is being included as a bonus because the beach itself is actually quite unspectacular (by Hawaiian standards, that is).

However, the coral reef of Olowalu is home to the best snorkeling on the entire island of Maui. In fact, it was our favorite place to snorkel in all of Hawaii!

This coral garden is absolutely teeming with underwater wildlife, from sea turtles to tropical fish and even the occasional sighting of the endangered Hawaiian monk seal!

The best part is that the entire experience is free! Just grab a snorkel, mask, and fins (optional), and wade into the crystal clear waters.

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πŸ„β€β™€οΈ Best Beaches on Kauai

View of Hanalei Bay with is white sand beach and bright blue water framed by rugged green mountains.
Hanalei Bay is one of the most spectacular beaches in Hawaii.

Kauai is known as “the Garden Island” because it is more famous for its lush greenery and dramatic landscapes than for its beautiful beaches.

Still, those who know where to look will have no trouble finding a beautiful place to soak in some aloha vibes in this tropical oasis.

1. Hanalei Beach

A couple walk along the golden sand of Hanalei Beach at sunset

Most consider Hanalei Beach to be the best beach in Kauai. Its beauty has even inspired song and folklore!

You will find this expansive coastline in Hanalei Bay on the north shore of the island near the city of Princeville.

In addition to being the favorite beach for most visitors and locals alike, it is also one of the most popular places to watch sunset in Kauai.

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2. Poipu Beach / Shipwreck Beach

A girl relaxes in a hammock beneath a palm tree near Poipu Beach

The other contender for the best beach in Kauai is Poipu Beach or its sister-shore of Shipwreck Beach.

These are located on the south shore of the island, which also has the benefit of being the dry side of Kauai.

It is no accident that Poipu has more resorts, golf clubs, and affluent amenities than any other part of the island. The highest-end luxuries follow the highest-end beaches, and those nearby to Poipu are tough to beat!

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3. Polihale Beach

The remote nature of Polihale Beach allows enjoyment of the golden sand with little or no company, making it one of the best beaches in Hawaii.

Polihale Beach is the westernmost point accessible by land on Kauai. Getting here requires a journey to the most remote part of the island, but is well worth the effort.

The sand at Polihale State Park is pillowy soft and the water is nice and warm. What’s more, the shoreline is massive meaning you can have a spot to yourself even on the busiest days, which never get that busy!

If you are up for a stroll along the beach, you can walk quite a distance along the Na Pali coast – just be mindful of the tide.

4. Tunnels Beach

Dramatic green mountains decorate the coast of Tunnels Beach in Kauai, making it one of the best beaches of Hawaii

Tunnels Beach is another gold-sand beach on the North Shore of Kauai.

What makes it one of the best beaches in Hawaii is the dramatic scenery that decorates the coast.

Shallow reefs provide amazing texture and are perfect for snorkeling. Meanwhile, the imposing cliffs of the Na Pali coast are seen in the distance.

5. Ke’e Beach

The view from the Kalalau Trail to the Na Pali coast on the north end of Kauai, showing red dirt and lush greenery overlooking a blue Pacific Ocean.
Ke’e Beach is the gateway to the famous Kalalau Trail, seen here.

Much like Tunnels Beach, Ke’e Beach is considered one of the best beaches on Kauai due to its proximity to the Na Pali coast.

In fact, this is the beach closest to the Na Pali cliffs that you can drive to. It is also the gateway to the famous Kalalau Trail, which is arguably the best hike in Kauai (though we prefer the views from the Kalepa Ridge Trail).

Bonus: Papa’a Bay

A house is nestled amongst lush vegetation and palm trees on Papa'a Beach, one of the quietest beaches on Hawaii

This one is for the adventurous only! If you are looking for something off the beaten path, the beach at Papa’a Bay may end up being your favorite.

Getting here requires a bit bushwacking through an obvious but unmarked trail. Where it splits, you can choose to go right toward Anahola Beach or keep left to reach Papa’a Beach.

Here you will discover one of the most beautiful and quietest beaches that Hawaii has to offer.

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πŸŒ… Best Beaches on Big Island

A girl lying on the waters edge of one of the best beaches in Hawaii Big Island.

The Big Island is the newest (or “youngest”) of the Hawaiian islands. To this day, it is still being formed and reshaped by volcanoes.

Kona is on the dry side of the island (the west side) and is still heavily comprised of black volcanic rock. Hilo, meanwhile, occupies the wet side and is almost entirely green.

This lava rock does not contribute to the comfort of the Big Island of Hawaii beaches (it’s well worth packing some water shoes), but it does add a sense of character and beauty.

Know before you go that the iconic white and gold-sand beaches are few and far between on the Big Island, and all of the best ones in Kona are attached to hotels and resorts as a result.


1. Mahaiula Beach / Makalawena Beach

Mahaiula Beach and its sister Makalawena Beach are easily the best beaches on the Big Island.

They are one of the few natural settings that create postcard-perfect Hawaii photos. Grab a towel and some beverages of choice and set up for a day at the beach.

As an added bonus, Makalawena Beach is one of the favorite shorelines for the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal to have its naps.

If you happen to be lucky enough to see one resting, please smile and appreciate its chubby cuteness from a distance. They need their beauty rest!

2. Waipi’o Valley Black Sand Beach

Black sand lines the shores of Waipio Valley with towering sea cliffs rising up around it, making it one of the best beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii

If you find yourself getting bored with gold beaches and palm trees, the black sand beach of the Waipio Valley provides the new adventure you are looking for!

Towering sea cliffs rise up over the black shoreline while the majestic Hiilawe Waterfall spills into the Pacific.

A bumpy drive is required to get down to the beach itself. However, there is a lookout at the top that provides a perfect view of the Waipio Valley and of the most iconic Big Island photography locations.

3. Papakolea Green Sand Beach

We discussed the Big Island’s famous “green sand beach” at the beginning of this guide, but have yet to explain what makes Papakolea one of the best beaches in Hawaii.

Of course, the color is peculiar which makes it interesting, but the mineral-rich sand is perhaps the softest on the island!

For better or worse, reaching the cove is an adventure all its own!

Upon arriving though, visitors will find a sheltered cove with stunning blue water surrounding them. As much as Papakolea Beach is a novelty, it also provides a lovely experience.

A visit to Green Sand Beach is considered one of the top 5 best things to do on Big Island, so this is one not to be missed!

4. Punalu’u Black Sand Beach

This is the most famous black sand beach on the Big Island, though there are many others.

What makes Punalu’u so special is the vibrant green colors that accent the jet-black sand.

Actually, what really makes it special is the number of sea turtles that live here and spend so much of their day enjoying the sunshine from the shore!

5. Hapuna Beach / Anaeho’omalu Beach (A-Beach)

Hapuna Beach in Anaeho’omalu Bay, thankfully also known as “A-Bay”, can be accessed by passing through the Hilton Waikoloa.

You do not have to be a guest to enjoy the beach! This is perhaps the best place in all of Kona to watch the sunset, making it a favorite for photographers and tourists alike.

Being basically attached to the Hilton hotel, feel free to grab a beverage of choice as you watch the day come gracefully to an end behind a row of distant palm trees.

BONUS: Kona Magic Sands Beach Park

Towering palms hang over Magic Sands Beach, the most popular beach in Kona and a must-see on every Big Island itinerary.

This is the best of the Big Island of Hawaii beaches for families. It gets very crowded, thus its exclusion from the Top 5 list.

However, it is a beautiful inlet with nearby services and amenities that make it the perfect destination for a day at the beach with the family.

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🌊 Best Beaches on Lanai

View from the swimming pool at the Four Seasons Resort on Lanai, overlooking the white sand and blue water of Sharks Bay Beach
View of the beach from the Four Seasons Resort on Lanai.

The small island of Lanai can be seen from the shores of Maui. In fact, it is hard to miss!

It is one of the least developed of the Hawaiian islands, but is also one of the lesser-visited.

While it is not known for its beaches, those who like to see and do it all will need to add a least a couple of Lanai’s beaches to their Hawaii bucket list.

1. Hulopo’e Bay Beach

White sand beach lined with palm trees alongside turquoise and blue ocean make Hulopo’e Bay Beach on Lanai one of the best beaches in Hawaii

If you decide to take the ferry over to Lanai, you will arrive at Hulopo’e Bay.

Nearby is the best beach on the entire island. It is every bit the white-sand, tropical paradise one would expect from Hawaii’s best beaches, but typically with far fewer people.

2. Shark’s Bay Beach

A long exposure of the ocean dragging on the shore of white sand surrounded by red lava cliffs at Puu Pehe Bay (Shark's Bay) Lanai

Though no good for swimming, Shark’s Bay Beach is just a short walk from Hulopo’e Bay Beach and features one of the most photogenic scenes in Hawaii with its red-rock cliffs.

Due to the ease of access and one-of-a-kind appearance, it deserves a spot on the best beaches of Hawaii list.

3. Shipwreck Beach

An aerial view of a shipwreck off the coast of Shipwreck Beach on Lanai Island, Hawaii

This is one of the true hidden gems for anyone who wants to get off the beaten path on their Hawaiian vacation.

To get here, you must rent a car or hire a guide to take you down a long, rough road on the far side of the island. Of course, this means space is plentiful.

Be sure to bring your snorkel gear to Shipwreck Beach as it has some beautiful underwater life to experience.

As you may have guessed from the name, it also is home to a shipwreck which provides an interesting background to your beach photos!

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πŸ– Best Beaches on Molokai

The Friendly Isle of Molokai does not get many visitors, but this means quiet and beautiful beaches that you may just have all to yourself!

1. Halawa Bay

Halawa Bay Beach in Molokai

Halawa Bay Beach is the most famous and popular on Molokai. Sea cliffs provide shelter and frame the scenery for this golden-brown shore.

While it may not have the tropical, palm-tree aesthetic more commonly imagined, it remains one of the best beaches of Hawaii.

2. Papohaku Beach

A tropical beach on Molokai Island showing turquoise waters, pale sand, and palm trees.

The second most popular and tranquil beach on Molokai is Papohaku Beach Park. This palm tree paradise more closely resembles the Hawaii postcards and idyllic imagery you may be expecting from your paradisiacal vacation.

πŸ₯₯ Bonus: 5 Uniquely Colorful Beaches on Hawaii

  1. Red Sand Beach (Maui)
  2. Green Sand Beach (Big Island)
  3. Black Sand Beach (Maui & Big Island)
  4. White Sand Beach (Oahu)
  5. Golden Sand Beaches (All)
  6. Grey Sand Beach (Big Island)
Red Sand Beach on Maui with aqua water and lush vegetation is one of the best Hawaii beaches

The following Hawaiian beaches are not what one would typically imagine in a tropical daydream.

Rather, they are destinations for the most unique, exotically-colored sand and shorelines you will see in this world. They don’t call Hawaii “the Rainbow State” for nothing!

1. Red Sand Beach (Maui)

Red Sand Beach, or Kaihalulu Beach as it is locally known, is the best beach on Hawaii for landscape photographers and those with an interest in the usual.

The pinkish-red hue of the sand mixes together with the aquas, greens, and blues of the Pacific Ocean with spectacular results.

You will find this hidden gem on the famous Road to Hana in eastern Maui, though getting there takes some preparation.

To find this secret beach and learn about the necessary safety precautions, be sure to read this COMPLETE GUIDE TO KAIHALULU RED SAND BEACH.


2. Green Sand Beach (Big Island of Hawaii)

Green Sand Beach on the Big Island of Hawaii has olive-green sand and turquoise waters, making it one of the most interesting beaches in Hawaii

Green Sand Beach is a bit of a hidden gem but is recognized as one of the best beaches on the Big Island.

Papakolea Beach, as it is known in Hawaiian, is admittedly more of an olive color than true green. The apparent color of the sand does vary a bit based on the time of day and moisture in the sand, however.

The unusual coloration comes from a mineral called olivine. Like so much of Hawaii, Papakolea Beach is the otherworldly result of volcanic activity that continues to shape the Big Island.


3. Black Sand Beaches (Big Island & Maui)

Hawaii is home to multiple black sand beaches, with the two best and most famous being Punalu’u on the Big Island and Waianapanapa State Park on Maui.

While black sand is not the most unusual color of beach, it is only found in places with (relatively) recent volcanic activity.

What makes the Hawaiian black sand beaches stand out over similar ones in places like Iceland is the lush, vibrant color that adorns them.

Thriving tropical pine trees and other vegetation grow triumphantly from the ash-like sand. This contrast is incredibly captivating and photogenic.


4. White Sand Beaches (Oahu)

A girl sits on pure white sand with the shadow of a palm tree looking out to bright turquoise and blue waters on Lanikai Beach, the most tropical postcard-perfect beach in Hawaii.

When it comes to relaxing, the best beaches in Hawaii are the white sand beaches of Oahu.

These dreamy shorelines are every bit as soft and silky as they are in your dreams!

While the green, red, and black beaches have visual intrigue, it’s the white beaches that lure in travelers by the literal boatload.

Among them, Kailua’s Lanikai Beach stands out as the best beach in the entire state of Hawaii. Strolling along the shore of this incredible place feels like walking into a painting.


5. Golden Sand Beaches (All Islands)

The golden sand beach of a resort at sunset on Maui.

Rounding out the list are the more typical, but still marvelous golden sand beaches for which Hawaii is known.

You will find a variety of them throughout each of the islands, ranging from daily-manicured resort beach fronts to lava-rock-lined hidden gems.

As photographers, our personal favorite is Secret Cove Beach on Maui.

Bonus: Grey Sand Beach (Big Island)

A man sitting under a palm tree on Long Palm Beach black sand beach, one of the most unique beaches of Hawaii.

Long Palm Beach is officially listed as a black sand beach, but it looked very grey in comparison to the others.

It is also more “rock” than “sand”. However it is classified, we felt compelled to include it in this section as it truly is one of the most unique beaches of Hawaii

🐚 FAQs About Hawaii’s Best Beaches

The following are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the best beaches on Hawaii.

What is the prettiest beach in Hawaii?

Lanikai Beach on Oahu is the most beautiful beach in Hawaii

Lanikai Beach on Oahu is the most beautiful beach in Hawaii. From the soft, pure white sand to the deep blue ocean water and swaying palm trees, Lanikai Beach is everything you think of for a postcard-perfect Hawaiian beach.

The Top 5 prettiest beaches in Hawaii for each island include:


  1. Lanikai Beach
  2. Laniakea Beach
  3. Ka’a’awa Beach
  4. Kailua Beach
  5. Waikiki Beach


  1. Secret Cove Beach
  2. Red Sand Beach (Kaihalulu)
  3. Makena Beach
  4. Kihei / Wailea Beach
  5. Kaanapali Beach


  1. Hanalei Beach
  2. Poipu Beach / Shipwreck Beach
  3. Polihale Beach
  4. Tunnels Beach
  5. Ke’e Beach

Big Island

  1. Mahaiula & Makalawena Beach
  2. Waipi’o Valley Black Sand Beach
  3. Papakolea Green Sand Beach
  4. Punalu’u Black Sand Beach
  5. Kona Magic Sands Beach Park

Which Hawaiian island has the best beaches?

Oahu has the best beaches for relaxing and enjoying the tropical paradise of Hawaii. It is the island you think of for the iconic white sand beaches and palm trees of Hawaii.

However, Maui has the most unusual and beautiful beaches including Red Sand Beach and Black Sand Beach, as well as the incredible golden sand beaches of Kihei.

What kinds of beaches are there in Hawaii?

Hawaii is home to an assortment of amazing beaches that go beyond the typical. For example, it is the only place in the world where you can find a green sand beach, red sand beach, and multiple white, gold, and black sand beaches!

Of course, Hawaii also boasts plenty of the more iconic tropical beaches for those who prefer to relax than explore.

Is there a pink sand beach in Hawaii?

There is no official pink sand beach in Hawaii, but Maui’s Red Sand Beach of Kaihalulu does have a pink hue. If you are looking for Hawaii’s pink sand beach, Kaihalulu Beach is the one you actually want!

Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach in Hawaii has red/pink sand against vibrant blue water and green vegetation, making it one of the most colorful beaches in the world.
Which Hawaiian Island has a black sand beach?

Both Maui and the Big Island have famous black sand beaches in Hawaii. Waianapanapa State Park is the famous black sand beach in Maui and Punalu’u is the famous one on the Big Island.

In fact, there are several others on the Big Island including Lone Palm Beach and Waipi’o Valley Black Sand Beach as well.

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