Printable Maui Packing List: Essentials + 25 Overlooked Items!

Maui packing list blog cover image.  Text overlaying a woman in a bikini with a snorkel and mask in hand on the beach.

Creating your own Maui packing list can be stressful if this is your first visit to the Rainbow State.

Between the hundreds of small, essential items PLUS all of the little things you hadn’t thought of (or didn’t know you needed to), you may need a vacation from planning your vacation!

To make things easy, we have created this travel guide to help you plan and organize your packing list for Maui in a way that ensures you won’t forget anything important.

You will find a printable checklist with the essentials, information on which travel documents are required, and 25 items you probably hadn’t thought of that could make your life easier and/or make for a better holiday.

In addition, you can find the answers to most of your travel and packing-based questions, as well as more Maui resources, at the bottom of this guide.

*All prices and information are accurate as of February 2023.

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🏝 Packing for Maui Overview

The first thing you will want to do is download and print the essential Hawaii checklist if you do not already have your own version. This will ensure you do not forget any of the little things you will need for your vacation.

Simply click the button below.

Printable Hawaii Packing List

Next, peruse the list of the 25 things to bring to Maui you may not have thought of. You will find links and descriptions for each item of interest in the next section.

  1. Reef-Safe Sunscreen – Required
  2. Reef-Safe SPF Lip Balm
  3. Motion Sickness Bands
  4. Waterproof Phone Case
  5. Flotation Strap
  6. Snorkel Gear
  7. Quick-Dry, Sand-Resistant Beach Towel (with Hidden Zipper Pocket)
  8. Cordless Travel Blender
  9. Underwater Camera
  10. Underwater Dome GoPro Housing
  11. Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  12. Portable Cell Phone Charger
  1. Dry Bag
  2. Hammock
  3. Collapsible Cooler
  4. Reusable Water Bottle
  5. Mini First-Aid Kit
  6. Body Glide
  7. Water Shoes
  8. Long Sleeved Rash Guard
  9. Costco Membership Card
  10. Packable Grocery Bag
  11. Travel Adapter
  12. Waterproof Kindle
  13. Packing Cubes

If you are a visual person, we’ve also made all of these items available on Amazon within one easy-to-browse Amazon Hawaii Packing List.


β˜€οΈ Maui Packing List: 25 Things to Bring That You Likely Haven’t Thought Of!

Sunset through palm trees on a vacation in Maui
Make sure you have everything you need for your perfect Maui vacation before you go!

While our downloadable Maui checklist above has EVERYTHING you need to pack for Maui, let’s face it, we all know to bring a swimsuit and toothbrush on vacation!

Rather than provide you with 101 things to pack, below are just the 25 things to bring to Maui that you might have forgotten, not yet thought of, or flat out didn’t know existed!

These are some of our favorite travel items that we always have in our suitcase.

Traveling with kids? We’ve included five bonus items for packing for the family!

Wondering what to wear in Hawaii? We cover that below too πŸ˜‰

🧴 1. Reef-Safe Sunscreen – REQUIRED!

Hawaii is the first state to require the use of reef-safe sunscreen. Accordingly, reef-safe sunscreen is perhaps the most important item to pack for Maui.

The NPS estimates 4,000-6,000 tons of sunscreen pollute our reefs every year, with popular visitor spots being the most concentrated. Help protect our reefs by ensuring you have reef-safe sunscreen.

We recommend Stream 2 Sea sunscreen as it’s free from any harmful chemicals and their bottles are made from either sugarcane resin or recycled milk jugs.

Māmalu Sunscreen on Etsy also offers natural reef-safe SPF30 sunscreen, handmade on Kauai (Hawaii). This is a great option for protecting your skin and the ocean while supporting a local Hawaiian business.

A woman applying reef-safe (an essential on your Maui packing list) sunscreen while on the beach in Hawaii
Make sure you have reef-safe sunscreen on your Maui checklist.

πŸ’„ 2. Reef-Safe SPF Lip Balm

It’s easy to overlook packing SPF lip balm, but sore, sunburned lips are not a fun way to start your Hawaii vacation!

As with your sunscreen, ensure you choose a reef-safe option.

This SPF50 lip balm on Etsy is entirely natural and organic and produced in the USA by a small business.

⛡️ 3. Motion Sickness Bands

If you’re susceptible to motion sickness, like I am, you will want to bring some acupressure wristbands.

Whether it’s exploring the twists and turns on the Road to Hana or bobbing up and down on a snorkel tour to Molokini, they’ll come in handy! These ones by Root’d are the most effective I’ve found and are nicer looking than most.

If you prefer a motion sickness tablet, then Bonine was recommended by our dive instructor friend in Hawaii as it’s less drowsy than Dramamine.

πŸ“± 4. Waterproof Phone Case

Even if your phone is waterproof, you should include a waterproof phone case on your Maui packing list!

Saltwater is extremely corrosive and can begin destroying your phone from the inside out without you even knowing it.

You’re undoubtedly going to be near the water. Bringing a waterproof phone case will help protect your phone on the beach, by the pool, and on boat rides and sunset sails.

The case is certified waterproof up to 100 feet (30m), however, it is not recommended for diving below 49 feet (15m).

It’s also great for storing cash, documents, credit cards, etc., that you need to take with you but don’t want to get wet!

πŸ›Ÿ 5. Flotation Strap

Phone overboard!!

While the waterproof phone case will protect your phone, it will still sink if dropped into the water!

Ensure your phone or waterproof camera stays afloat in the event of a drop with a flotation strap.

🀿 6. Snorkel Gear

If you’re planning on doing a lot of snorkeling in Maui, it is cheaper and easier to bring your own snorkel and mask and fins than renting them each day.

Many rentals cost upward of $15 per day and come with the hassle of arranging it each day. Pack your own and be ready to jump in the water any time!

You can also buy these items as a snorkel set which works out cheaper still.

A girl in a swimsuit holding a mask, snorkel and fins at the back of a car by the beach in Maui.
Don’t forget to pack your snorkel gear!

πŸ– 7. Quick-Dry, Sand-Resistant Beach Towel
(with Hidden Zipper Pocket)

If you have never used a travel towel, they are life-changing for beach days! Rather than collecting sand, the material repels it so it doesn’t end up everywhere. Additionally, they pack small and dry quickly.

This Turkish towel is 100% cotton, sand-resistant, quick-drying, and even has a secret zipper pocket to hide away your phone and keys.

Alternatively, this oversized beach blanket is perfect if you’re packing for the family. Made from parachute nylon, it is also quick-dry, sand-resistant, and has zipper pockets, plus anchors to secure it.

We also love these Nomadix travel towels which are made from 100% recycled plastic and have great designs (including a Hawaii map!).

🍹 8. Cordless Travel Blender

Ok, so this may not exactly be an essential to include while packing for Maui. However, it is a very fun addition to your suitcase (if you have the space) or may even just be something you want for home!

A cordless blender allows you to make smoothies and slushy beverages anywhere you go. This has become a staple in our household for any beach day.

If you are someone that enjoys a fruity cocktail on the beach, simply fill your cooler with some ice, fresh island fruit, and Koloa rum, then blend it together with this cordless blender. It is certain to impress any friends or family you’re traveling with!

πŸ“Έ 9. Underwater Camera

With so many incredible waterfalls and snorkeling adventures, an underwater camera is a great addition to your Maui packing list. Don’t miss capturing the moment you come face to face with your first honu (green turtle in Hawaiian)!

Yes, you could use your phone in a waterproof case. However, if the case fails you risk saltwater damage to your phone which could destroy everything you have on it!

There are many different underwater cameras you can get depending on your level and interest in photography. However, the GoPro, or similar adventure cameras, are small, easy to use, and reasonably priced.

🐒 10. Underwater Dome GoPro Housing

Green turtle (honu) in the foreground just under the surface of the water and palm trees in the background, captured with a dome GoPro housing - a great addition to a Hawaii packing list

An underwater dome housing allows you to capture photos with part of the frame above water and part underwater.

This inexpensive item allows for a lot of creativity and is probably one of the things we had the most fun with in Hawaii. Just make sure you order one for the correct GoPro model.

🎢 11. Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to your favorite songs on the beach, by the pool, or on the lanai of your hotel room with a portable bluetooth speaker.

After returning several, we finally found “the one” with the Soundcore 2 by Anker. It is among the most affordable options, the sound quality is excellent, and provides 24 hours of playback battery life.

It is also waterproof so you can enjoy music wherever you go in Maui!

πŸ”‹ 12. Portable Cell Phone Charger

It’s likely you’ll be using your phone to navigate, take photos, and more! Bring a power pack with you to keep your phone charged on the go.

These charge via USB, which has become the common option for many other devices beyond cell phones. This is now must-have on any packing list!

πŸŽ’ 13. Dry Bag

An inexpensive dry bag is an invaluable item when packing for Maui.

Not only does it keep your belongings dry while on the beach, kayaking, or on boat tours, it also floats! So if it takes a spill overboard your things will remain dry and easy to retrieve.

The great thing about this dry bag is that it also comes with a waterproof phone case, so you get two for the price of one!

🌴 14. Hammock

A hammock isn’t exactly an essential on your Maui checklist but it does make a really fun addition.

This lightweight, packable hammock is great for pitching between palm trees for the ultimate laidback island vibes.

Two girls in a hammock on a beach in Hawaii
A hammock makes for a fun addition to your Maui packing list.

❄️ 15. Collapsible Cooler

Whether you want to keep your food and drink cold on the beach or in the car as you explore the islands, a cooler is a must on your Maui packing checklist!

This collapsible cooler is perfect as it’s easy to fit in your suitcase and is leakproof.

πŸ’¦ 16. Reusable Water Bottle

Remain hydrated in Maui without wasting single-use plastic bottles.

Hawaii is known for its excellent tap water as it’s naturally filtered through porous volcanic rock and lacks the chlorine taste found in many other areas of the US.

We love these reusable bottles as they come in a range of colors and sizes, and keep your drinks cold for 24 hours (or hot for 12 hours – but that’s less useful in Hawaii!).

If you don’t mind your water not staying cold, these collapsible reusable bottles are a great option for saving space in your suitcase.

⭐️ Pro tip: Many hotels in Maui have started providing guests reusable water bottles, so call and inquire!

β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή 17. Mini First-Aid Kit

We always pack a mini first aid kit in our bag, just in case. This is particularly useful to have if you plan on doing any hiking or biking in Maui, especially if you plan on visiting Haleakala or some of Maui’s secret beaches.

You never know when it may come in handy (particularly as I’m clumsy)!

πŸ„πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ 18. Body Glide

Let’s face it, in the hot and humid weather in Maui, sticky, sweaty skin likes to rub together… particularly thighs!

Body Glide is a game-changer and will make a welcome addition to your Maui packing list. Originally designed for surfers in California, the anti-chafing balm prevents friction on the skin.

It’s also great for preventing blisters on your feet, just apply some before putting on your socks and shoes.

You can also find an organic, handmade anti-chafing stick on Etsy.

πŸ‘Ÿ 19. Water Shoes

Whether traversing lava rock (which there is lots of on Maui!), hiking through lush vegetation, taking long strolls along the beach, or staying poolside, a good pair of water shoes are essential.

Not only do they protect your feet and provide grip on rough terrain and hot surfaces, they’re also breathable, quick-drying, and easy to clean.

After cutting my foot on a stray piece of lava rock (on an otherwise white sand beach), I wouldn’t visit Maui without them!

β˜€οΈ 20. Long Sleeved Rash Guard

If you sunburn easily or have a lot of water activities planned, such as surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, etc., you’ll want to pack a rash guard.

With a 50+ SPF it will provide protection from the sun so you can use less sunscreen.

They’re also great for kids and save you from having to chase them around quite so often to reapply sunscreen!

πŸ›’ 21. Costco Membership Card

Costco Wholesale Membership Card shouldn't be missed off your Hawaii Packing List

This card pays for itself very quickly in Maui, where gas can be more than $1/gallon less expensive at Costco!

While this may seem like a strange addition to your Maui packing list, it will save you a lot of money on food and fuel.

Costco is located in the center of Kahului town, home to OGG Maui Airport so you can get groceries and supplies on your way in and fill up on your way out!

πŸ‘œ 22. Packable Grocery Bag

Hawaii was the first state to ban single-use plastic bags. Make sure you include some reusable grocery bags on your Maui packing list for any shopping you plan to do!

I love these ones with a zipper as they’re also great for use as a laundry bag, beach bag, or anything else you may need.

✈️ 23. Travel Adapter

The power plugs and sockets on Hawaii are type A and B, the same as mainland USA.

If you’re visiting Maui from the mainland, you won’t need an adapter. However, if you’re traveling internationally to Maui, make sure you pack a travel adapter.

We prefer a universal travel adapter as you can use them everywhere so you’re guaranteed to always have the right one in your bag!

πŸ“• 24. Waterproof Kindle

There’s nothing better than sitting by the pool or on the beach and getting lost in a book. The Kindle Paperwhite allows you to do just that without having to pack bulky books.

It is also waterproof so you can enjoy your favorite book by the water without worry.

For those of you who have non-waterproof e-readers, this waterproof case is great for adding protection.

Finally, sign up for a Kindle Unlimited 30 day free trial before you go to make the most of access to over 2 million books.

🧳 25. Compression Packing Cubes

These compression packing cubes by Well Traveled are the ultimate packing hack. When it comes time to pack your suitcase for Hawaii, you will absolutely want to use them.

As well as keeping your clothes organized, they’re a time saver. Ready to hit the beach as soon as you arrive? Don’t waste time digging around in your suitcase, simply pull out the cube with your swimwear and you’re ready to go!

The compression ability is also great for maximizing your space.

We’ve used many different brands of packing cubes, but none have matched the quality and functionality of Well Traveled.

⭐️ Pro tip:Β If you’re packing for the family, we recommend getting different colored cubes for each family member.

Well Traveled compression packing cubes are a great packing hack and a must on your Maui packing list

🏞 Bonus: National Parks Pass

Image of the America the Beautiful Annual National Parks Pass

If you are planning on visiting Haleakala National Park and have an Annual National Parks Pass then it is worth packing it.

Your annual pass will allow you free admittance to Haleakala, gaining you access to many spectacular sights including the summit and the coastal region of the park.

However, if you plan on visiting the park via a tour you will not need your pass.

Additionally, it is only worth purchasing if you plan on visiting three or more parks in the year.

Bonus: Empty Space

Empty suitcase ready to pack for Hawaii

When packing for Maui make sure you leave some empty space!

You’ll undoubtedly want to bring home some souvenirs to remember your vacation and you want to make sure you have the space to do so.

πŸ‘ΆπŸ½ Maui Packing List for Kids

While most parents will have all the obvious things ready for a family vacation, here are a few things to pack for Maui that you may not yet have considered.

πŸ“· 1. Waterproof Kids Camera

This waterproof camera comes in a robust, drop-proof case designed for kids aged 3+.

Not only does it help to keep the little ones entertained, but also allows them to capture and treasure their own vacation memories.

πŸ““ 2. Kids Travel Journal

Get the kids excited before the trip and keep them engaged throughout with this travel journal. It is full of fun prompts and activities, and has space for four trips.

Ideal for keeping them occupied on the plane and while out at restaurants, particularly as many restaurants no longer provide printed kids menus due to covid.

This Hawaii travel activity book and journal also comes highly recommended, full of fun facts about Hawaii and specific activities for the islands.

πŸͺ£ 3. Collapsible Buckets

Is there anything more quintessentially reminiscent of a Maui beach vacation than building sandcastles?!

These collapsible buckets make it easy to pack these favorite beach toys.

⭐️ Pro tip: Many hotels and resorts will provide beach toys for kids so call in advance.

🌊 4. Inflatable Arm Bands

While puddle jumpers are great, they are bulky to pack. Instead, consider a pair of inflatable arm bands.

⭐️ Pro tip: Check first with your accommodation as they may provide life vests or floaties for children.

πŸ’‘ 5. Night Light

Sleeping in a new place can be difficult, even for the older family members.

A night light can help the little ones feel secure, while also making it easier to navigate new surroundings at night.

🧩 6. Travel Games

If you’re traveling to Maui with kids, make sure you pack at least one or two travel games. These will prove invaluable whether on the plane, in the hotel room, in the car, or at a restaurant.

Some great options include:

πŸ‘— What to Wear in Maui

🌀 Weather in Maui

A young woman stands on the beautiful golden sand of Baldwin Beach on the north shore of Maui.
Expect warm, tropical temperatures in Maui during the day with cool nights.

Maui is known for its tropical, warm weather year-round with daytime temperatures ranging from 78Β°F in the winter to 88Β°F in the summer… if you’re on the beach!

However, Maui is home to several microclimates and each part of the island can have a completely different weather system!

If you plan on doing a sunrise or sunset visit to the top of Haleakala, that can be downright freezing and even sees snow every now and then! Bring a decent jacket if this is on your Maui itinerary! If you book a tour to Haleakala, check with your provider as some companies will provide you with a jacket.

Also, Hana tends to be wet and cloudy. If you plan on taking a drive along the Road to Hana be sure to bring some rain gear!

During the winter months (Nov-Feb), expect cooler weather at night and a higher chance of rain.

In the summer (Jun-Aug), it can get very hot so you’ll want to ensure you have light, comfortable clothing.

⭐️ Pro tip: Wear your sweater on the plane to save space in your suitcase. Plus the plane is usually on the cooler side!

πŸ‘— Fashion in Maui

Sophie on a boat in Maui taking a photo
As well as being comfortable, a white cover-up or sundress makes for great photos in Maui!

When it comes to what to wear in Maui, think breezy island vibes and gold sand beaches!

The laidback aloha lifestyle simply requires casual outfits, so you can leave the formalwear at home. Unless, of course, you are wanting to go all-out for a special occasion.

You’ll see plenty of signs on shops and restaurants saying “shorts and shoes required” but that’s about as far as it goes for dress codes in Hawaii!

Two girls in activewear in Hawaii.
Don’t forget to pack some activewear for any hikes or activities.

During the day, swimwear (with a cover-up available) plus shorts, t-shirts, sundresses, and flip flops are the most you could need. If you’re hiking or doing other activities, you may want to also pack some activewear.

In the evening, you may want something a little dressier. However, we’re talking flowy sundresses and sandals, or a button-up/aloha style shirt with shorts. Nothing too fancy!

Leave the high-heels, suit jackets, and accessories at home!

πŸ‘™ Clothing Packing Lists for Maui

Use the drop-downs below for suggested clothing packing lists for women and men for a week in Maui.

If you have longer on Maui consider doing laundry while there to limit how much you need to take.

One Week Maui Clothing Packing List for Women

πŸ‘  What NOT to Pack for Maui

Now we’ve covered all the things you need to bring to Maui, here are a few things you should leave at home!

Too Many Clothes

Sophie sitting in a swimsuit on Makena Cove Beach in Maui.
You’ll likely spend most of your time in Maui in a swimsuit!
Location: Makena Secret Cove Beach (read more)

Maui is a very casual place and you’ll likely spend most of your vacation in a swimsuit and cover-up.

You really don’t need too many outfits, plus if you run out you can always do some laundry… or shopping!


Packing your own hairdryer takes up unnecessary space. Most vacation rentals and hotels will provide a hairdryer.

Regular Towel

Your accommodation will almost definitely provide towels for use on the property. While it is absolutely worth packing a quick-drying, sand-resistant towel for the beach, you don’t need to pack a regular towel.

Soap, Shampoo, and Conditioner

Unless you have soaps and shampoos that you prefer to use, save space and leave them at home. Nearly all hotels and vacation rentals will provide these.


Leave your food at home! Maui has a wealth of delicious food options, from tropical fruits to food trucks, along with many grocery stores (including Costco).

You can also find a list of plants and food items that are restricted or prohibited from being brought into Maui.

High Heels and Formal Clothes

Not only is Maui very casual when it comes to attire, many of the events you may want to dress up for such as luaus will take place on the sand.

So leave the high heels and formal clothes at home and instead pack a nice pair of sandals to pair with a flowy summer dress for the evenings. Or for the men, leave the suits and dress shoes behind and instead, pack a light button-up shirt and smart shorts.

Heavy Sweaters or Jackets

It is worth packing a light sweater and rain jacket for winter evenings or visits to higher elevations (or even the air-conditioned hotel rooms if you get cold like me!). However, unless you’re planning a sunrise visit to Haleakala, you can leave the heavier ones at home. After all, you’re heading to Maui for a tropical vacation.

Better still, just wear a light sweater and jacket on the plane to save space in your suitcase!


Rather than pack heavy books for your vacation reading instead, consider a Kindle or other e-reader. These will allow you all the joys of relaxing with a good story, without the inconvenience of bulky, heavy books.

🧳 Baggage Allowance for Hawaii

Sunset in Maui from Makena Secret Cove Beach.
Location: Secret Cove Beach, Maui (click for guide)

The luggage allowances for flights to Maui will differ slightly based on the airline you’ve chosen, your ticket, and where you’re flying from.

Some cheaper, economy fares will not include checked luggage and may limit carry-on luggage to one personal item. Conversely, business and first-class fares may include multiple checked bags with a higher weight allowance.

Checked Luggage

Checked luggage typically has a maximum weight and dimensions allowance:

  • Maximum Weight: Up to 50lbs (23kg)
  • Maximum Dimensions (length + width + height): 62 linear inches (157 cm)

Ensure you weigh your bags prior to traveling to avoid extra charges. You can do this with an inexpensive suitcase weight scale.

Alternatively, if you have bathroom scales, weigh yourself with your suitcase, then just yourself. Deduct your weight from the combined weight to work out the weight of your suitcase.

Carry On Luggage

Airlines also restrict the size of carry-on luggage to ensure it fits safely under the seat in front of you or in an overhead compartment.

The dimensions for these are standard across most airlines and include the wheels and handles:

  • Maximum Dimensions: 22” x 14” x 9” (56cm x 36cm x 23cm)

If your bag exceeds the required dimensions, you may be required to pay to check the bag.

Many airlines do not readily disclose a maximum weight limit for carry-on luggage. However, carry-on bags are typically limited to 22-25 pounds (10-11 kg).

Most airlines will also allow one personal item, such as a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag. The dimensions for these are not always defined, although for United Airlines these dimensions are 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches (22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm), to give you a rough size.


πŸ“‘ Essential Travel Documents

While almost everything else on this Maui packing list could be bought upon arrival, your travel documents cannot be replaced and should be packed safely before traveling!

Additionally, it is a good idea to have digital versions on your phone or on the cloud should you have to present or replace them.

We’ll go into more detail for some, but first here’s a quick overview of all the travel documents you’ll require for a visit to Maui:

  • Passport or valid government ID
  • Valid ESTA/Visa (if required)
  • Travel insurance policy
  • 24 hr emergency travel insurance contact and policy number
  • COVID-19 vaccination record/negative test certificate
  • Flight e-tickets
  • Your travel itinerary
  • Booking information for tours
  • Photocopies of important documents
  • Cash/credit cards
  • Small amount of USD cash
  • Youth/student/seniors cards for travel discounts
  • Drivers License/International driving licence (if renting a car)
  • Scuba diving licence (if needed)

Do I need a passport or ID for Hawaii?

For US residents visiting Hawaii from the mainland US, you will only need to pack a valid government photo ID. Check the TSA website for a full list of accepted IDs.

International visitors will require a valid passport. Depending on your country of citizenship you may be required to have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after your planned departure from the United States.

Do I need an ESTA or Visa?

To travel to the USA from abroad, you will need to ensure you have a valid ESTA (visa waiver) or visa. Check your eligibility for each on the US government website.

For those eligible for an ESTA, ensure you apply online at least 72 hours in advance.

Do I need Travel Insurance for Hawaii?

Travel insurance is highly recommended, even if you are a US citizen or resident. There are many benefits to using travel insurance. 

Not only does it provide healthcare for medical emergencies but will cover unforeseen circumstances such as missing bags, damage from natural disasters, stolen goods, or even trip cancellation.

For most US citizens or residents, healthcare will be covered by your health insurance provider. However, it is worth checking your coverage before traveling.

Always read your policy carefully when booking travel insurance to ensure you have one that suits your needs.

✈️ Traveling to Hawaii in 2023

Turquoise waters and white sand beach surrounded by black lava rock as sen by airplane when traveling to Hawaii
The Big Island adventure begins before you even land!

Hawaiβ€˜i is welcoming travelers again! There are no longer any Covid-19 requirements nor mask mandates in place for the flights or on the islands themselves.

However, there are some pre-travel requirements for international travelers visiting Hawaiβ€˜i.

Domestic Travel to Hawaii

There are no current domestic restrictions for domestic flights to Hawaii. Additionally, the REAL ID enforcement date has been pushed back to May 7, 2025 due to the recent pandemic.

International Travel to Hawaii

For those traveling from international destinations with direct flights to Hawaii, you will only need to follow federal international requirements. There are no additional State of Hawaiβ€˜i requirements.

There are no longer any negative Covid testing requirements for international arrivals to the US. However, all international visitors to the USA must show proof of being fully vaccinated.
(Information accurate as of March 24, 2023.)

Requirements are constantly changing so ensure you check the CDC website or with your airline for current guidelines.

🌴 Final Things to Consider Before Packing for Maui

A girl in a yellow swimsuit on the shoreline of Red Sand Beach in Maui.
Location: Red Sand Beach (click for guide)

The two of us work very hard to create these free travel guides to help you plan your dream vacation. If you think we’ve done a good job and would like to say thanks, please consider clicking the donate button below πŸ™‚

Before you decide what to pack for Maui, you’ll need to consider your plans! The things you plan to do in Hawaii and the time of year you visit will possibly impact what you need to bring.

⭐️ Pro tip: Check clothing requirements for activities. For example, horseriding and zip-lining both require closed-toe shoes.

  • Activities: Zip lining? Kayaking? Consider any additional things you’ll need specifically for the activities you have planned.
  • Hiking: If you’re planning on hiking in Maui make sure you have appropriate footwear and clothing.
  • Snorkeling: Consider packing your own snorkel set if you’ll be spending a lot of time in the water. This will save a lot of money and time on rentals.
  • Relaxing: Make sure you have everything you need to be comfortable. Books, headphones, whatever it is you need to truly let go and relax.
  • Weather: Maui is known for its year-round tropical weather. Pack light, breathable clothing, along with a light sweater and rain jacket.


❓ FAQs About What to Pack For Maui


What is Maui dress code?

In Maui, you’ll find the dress code is very casual. The closest thing you’re likely to find to an actual dress code is “shorts and shoes required”! Although some restaurants’ dress codes may require “resort wear”.

For most activities in Maui, flip flops, shorts, aloha shirts, and flowing summer dresses are typical and acceptable attire.

Can you wear jeans in Maui?

Yes, you absolutely can wear jeans in Maui. However, you’ll likely be hot and uncomfortable in them, particularly if visiting in the summer. Instead, consider looser-fitting, lightweight pants like chinos.

What do ladies wear in Maui?

During the day, women will wear swimsuits and cover-ups, shorts and t-shirts, or loose-fitting summer dresses. In the evening, many of the restaurants’ dress codes will require resort wear. This means slacks or dress shorts and a blouse, or casual dresses, skirts, or Aloha evening wear.

What do you wear to a luau in Maui?

Luaus in Maui typically do not have dress codes. However, men will typically wear neutral-colored shorts or pants with an Aloha shirt, and women will wear floral dresses. Many luaus take place on the sand so flip flops (or “slippers” as they’re known in Hawaii) are common and acceptable footwear.

What should I wear on a plane to Maui?

For the plane ride to Maui, wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. Wear your longer clothes so you don’t have to pack them. Additionally, the plane is often chilly so you may want to bring a lightweight sweater.

Should I bring a raincoat to Maui?

It is worth packing a lightweight raincoat for Maui, particularly if you will be spending any time in the Hana region. If you’re visiting between June and August you can consider leaving your rain jacket behind.


How do I not look like a tourist in Maui?

To not look like a tourist in Maui, embrace the laidback aloha island lifestyle! This means moving at a slower pace, wearing flip flops (or “slippers” as they’re known in Hawaii) everywhere, and colorful, floral prints.

For men, aloha shirts are common for Hawaiians to wear. For women, colorful summer dresses are perfect. Don’t forget your reef-safe sunscreen too to avoid the “tourist lobster” appearance!

Do I need mosquito repellent in Maui?

Yes, you will absolutely want to pack insect repellent for Maui! Although not endemic to Hawaii, mosquitoes are now present on Maui and all other islands.

Should I bring a water bottle to Maui?

You’ll definitely want to bring a reusable water bottle to Maui. The tap water in Maui is excellent and lacks the chlorine taste found in many mainland locations, having been naturally filtered by volcanic rock.

Should I pack a beach towel for Maui?

You should definitely pack a beach towel for Maui. However, don’t pack a regular, bulky towel. We recommend bringing this lightweight, quick-drying, sand-resistant beach towel with a hidden zipper pocket!

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