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Travel bloggers and photographers Adam Marland and Sophie Clapton drink blue wine on a photoshoot at Lake Tekapo in New Zealand.

Hello there!  

We are Adam and Sophie – the two perpetually over-caffeinated, camera-wielding photographers and travel bloggers behind We Dream of Travel. 

We met in Australia in 2016 as two broke backpackers with little direction in life, guided only by a shared passion for photography & travel.

Our mutual joy for these activities continues to shape our lives even as we leave the hostels and campervans behind.

All these years later, we are still driven by an insatiable wanderlust and the desire to share the joy that travel brings us with everyone who also dreams of travel…

Welcome to our page!!

Now please indulge us while we shamelessly promote ourselves…

What We Do

We Dream of Travel is more than just a travel blog.   We work with travel brands and DMOs to promote the tourism goals of our partners through a variety of mediums.

What we provide our clients is a custom-curated set of deliverables based on the unique goals of each individual campaign.  

We leverage over a decade of experience with cameras to produce engaging visual content that fosters a desire to visit destinations we’ve captured.

Our blog and social media posts have amassed a large following due to our ability to create captivating visuals of scenic and luxurious destinations from around the globe.

A woman in a red dress sits on a swing illuminated by fairylights while looking up at a starry sky and the Milky Way in New Zealand.

A young couple looking out over a rugged, lush landscape from Nam Xay viewpoint in Laos.

Our Goal

Our promise to our audience is to provide informative, actionable, honest, and captivating travel guides that will inspire and inform your own future travels.

For our clients, our goal is to understand YOUR  goals.  

Whether that includes content creation services, directing tourism spending, growing destination awareness, promoting a specific event, or all of the above, we strive to ensure your message is delivered to an audience ready to act on it.

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Brochure cover for Mackenzie Region in New Zealand with an astro photo by We Dream of Travel.

We Dream of Travel received national attention in 2021 when Adam and Sophie were selected from over 150k applicants to become the first-ever “Chief Exploration Officers” for Michelob Ultra and the National Park Foundation.

Since finishing our campaign as Exploration Officers, most of our time is now spent working with tourism boards and travel brands to promote destinations and activities all around the globe.

Of course, we still travel and photograph independently as much as possible for the sheer love of the craft!

We know how important you are and appreciate you taking the time to consider working together. In an effort to be concise, we have created a Media Kit where you can find all of the important insights and analytics we love to boast, only with less words and more pictures 🙂

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Logos of companies that We Dream of Travel have worked with.
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A young couple sat embraced amongst long grass on Cannon Beach Oregon with Haystack Rock in the background

We’d love to hear from you and figure out how we can work together.