Chang’s Beach (Po’olenalena Beach) Maui: Complete 2024 Guide

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Po’olenalena Beach, also known colloquially as “Chang’s Beach”, is one of many golden-sand beaches along the Wailea-Makena coastline in South Maui.

This remote beach park is typically one of the quieter options in the region, with the exception of when it plays host to the Maui Sunday Drum Circle. On Sunday afternoons, hundreds of free-spirited residents and tourists alike gather for a clothing-optional party on the beach.

In this guide, I will provide photos, directions, and all need-to-know information for visiting.

🏝 Chang’s Beach (Po’olenalena) Overview


  • Nearest Town: Wailea
  • Parking: Two parking lots and roadside parking
  • Public Bathrooms? Portapotty near the parking area
  • Picnic Benches? No
  • Showers? No
  • Grills? No
  • Lifeguard? No


Landscape photography of Po'olenalena Beach in South Maui.

Po’olenalena Beach Park, also known as Chang’s, features soft, gold sand and green to turquoise waters. It is part of the Wailea-Makena coastline, which boasts the best beaches in Maui.

Most notably, Chang’s Beach became the new home of the Sunday Drum Circle (previously held at Little Beach). Once considered one of Maui’s best secret beaches, the re-location of this popular weekly event has bolstered its popularity.

Chang’s Beach is separated into two sections via a short overland trail. Most consider the north section the more picturesque of the two. Each has its own parking area and there are portapotties in the north parking area. There are no other services.

Don’t forget to pack your snorkel gear as it’s also a great place for snorkeling and spotting turtles. Head to the rocky outcrop at the beach’s southern end for the best snorkeling.

If you’re planning on booking a family or couples photoshoot while on vacation in Maui, it is likely you will visit Chang’s Beach! With beautiful sunset views, it has become a popular photography location in Maui.

🗺 How to Get to Chang’s / Po’olenalena Beach

A satellite view of the Wailea-Makena shoreline in south Maui.
Satellite view of Chang’s Beach / Po’olenalena Beach Park on the Wailea-Makena coastline.

With Navigation: There are two beaches you can park and walk to. The nicer beach is the northern section which has a parking area with direct access. To reach it, use Google Maps and input “Chang’s Beach Parking“.

If this parking area is full, do a search for “Po’olenalena Beach Park Alternate Parking“.

General Directions: Driving south from Kihei or Wailea, take State Hwy 31 (Piilani Hwy) and turn right on Okolani Drive. After half a mile, turn left onto Wailea Alanui Drive and drive another 1.7-miles. Park at one of several parking areas.

🪘 Sunday Drum Circle at Chang’s Beach

Lava rock lines the shoreline of Chang's Beach (Po'olenalena Beach) in Maui during the Sunday drum circle.
Early afternoon crowds begin to form in preparation for the Maui Sunday Drum Circle.

The Maui Sunday Drum Circle is an unsanctioned weekly event for free-spirited locals and visitors in-the-know to gather together for an evening of clothing-optional music and recreation.

As this is an unofficial gathering, there is no fee to join nor set hours. Usually, crowds begin to form around 3-4pm and continue to grow well into the evening. As a result, expect to see cars lined up along the shoulder near the entrance.


The Maui police are well aware of this event and will ticket any vehicle which obstructs the bike lane in any way.

Visitors should expect to encounter unashamed nudity as well as visible consumption of marijuana, alcohol, and other mind-altering substances. Of note, no violent incidents have ever occurred.

Until the year 2020, this long-standing tradition took place at Little Beach in Makena. However, local police shut it down and even closed the beach for several months due to “illegal activity by beachgoers”.

Little Beach was reopened on March 13, 2021, with new signage that explicitly condemns the consumption of alcohol, nudity, and fires.

📸 Chang’s Beach (Po’olenalena) Photo Gallery

The Chang’s Beach photo gallery below shows what you can expect to see on your visit to this beautiful South Maui destination. All photos were captured during our most recent visit.

  • Chang's Beach facing south toward Makena caldera

Expect a fairly secluded spot of paradise with picturesque views of the West Maui mountains to the north and Makena caldera to the south.

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