Paia Beach (Maui): The Complete 2023 Guide + Photos

Paia Beach (Lower Paia Park) blog cover image.  Text overlaying a photo of a white sand beach with footsteps in the sand leading to lush vegetation and the aqua colored ocean to the left.

Paia Beach, officially known as Lower Paia Park, is a beautiful white sand beach on the North Shore of Maui. It is located, unsurprisingly, within walking distance from the historic town of Paia.

Too many people who visit the island will only see a glimpse of the incredible north shore region as they drive by it for the famous Road to Hana drive. Both Paia town and its tropical beach are destinations all their own and worthy of every Maui itinerary

Do not be one of those people! Discover why you should make time for Paia Beach and everything you need to know for planning your beach day in this complete guide.

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🏖 Paia Beach Photo Gallery

  • Footsteps lead down Paia Beach on the North Shore of Maui.

Browse the Paia Beach photo gallery above to see images from a sunny afternoon on the North Shore of Maui.

If you look closely at some of the photos, you will notice a surfer riding the aqua-colored waves of Paia Bay in front of tropical palm trees.

🌴 Paia Beach Overview


  • Nearest Town: Paia (voted one of the Top 10 best towns in Maui to visit)!
  • Parking: There is a large parking lot for Paia Beach at “Lower Paia Park
  • Fees: There are no fees for parking or entry at Lower Paia Park.
  • Public Bathrooms? Yes, also at the park.
  • Picnic Benches? No.
  • Showers? Yes.
  • Grills? No.
  • Lifeguard? Yes.


The eastern edge of Paia Beach Maui.

Located within walking distance of the historic town of Paia, the appropriately-named Paia Beach is a coarse, white-sand beach on the North Shore of Maui. It is a favorite destination for surfers and windsurfing enthusiasts and is a popular stop on the Road to Hana.

The beach is more of a pale gold than true white, but is pleasant for sitting and walking. The water in Paia Bay tends to be true sea green or aqua in color.

Paia Beach is located within Lower Paia Park which provides most essential facilities for visitors, such as parking, bathrooms, and showers. There is also a lifeguard on duty from 8am-4:30pm each day. Additionally, you will find a basketball court within the park.

The beach becomes more tropical in feel toward the east end as the sparse vegetation transforms to healthy palms and greenery. The west end is typically quieter and less picturesque, but it does lead to the clothing-optional Paia Secret Beach.

🗺 How to Get to Paia Beach

The red pin in the satellite view of the Maui North Shore above indicates the parking area for Lower Paia Park.
The red pin in the satellite view of the Maui North Shore above indicates the parking area for Paia Beach.

With Navigation: To find parking and entry to the beach, you will want to enter “Lower Paia Park” into your navigation.

General Directions: Paia Beach is located directly off of the Hana Hwy with a large, clearly-signed parking area within walking distance of Paia town.

🧭 How to Find Paia Secret Beach

Paia Secret Beach is an extension of the main beach that requires a short walk over a small overland trail that separates the two shores.

To get to the hidden “clothing-optional” beach, you will still park at Lower Paia Park and walk down the beach all the way to the western edge (walk left as you face the ocean).

You will find the overland trail at the end of the beach. Simply walk this short path to the neighboring shoreline.

Learn more about this beach in the

☀️ When to Visit Paia Secret Beach

A photo of a pristine, white sand Paia Beach with a surfer riding a wave in front of tropical palm trees.

Mornings are typically the best time to visit Paia Beach as the water and beach are usually at their calmest. This is particularly true when morning and low tide are in sync.

Sunset is also a beautiful time at the park. While the view from the beach is north facing, you will see the sun go down behind the West Maui Mountains as you look down the beach to the west.

Be careful with the strong winds and powerful currents if you plan on doing any swimming or snorkeling at Paia Bay, particularly during high tide.

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