🏝 Paia Secret Beach (Maui): Ultimate 2024 Visitor’s Guide

Paia Secret Beach Maui blog cover.  Text overlaying an image of white sand and teal waters at Paia Secret Beach in Maui.

Paia Secret Beach is a clothing-optional extension of the popular Paia Bay on the North Shore of Maui.

While the sand is not as soft and inviting as the main section of the beach, solitude is a near certainty.

Visitors can expect coarse golden sand and tropically-colored waters and should expect to encounter a few nude beachgoers as well.

In this complete guide, I will explain how to find Paia Secret Beach in Maui, what to expect from a visit and everything else you need to know to plan your trip.

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πŸ– Paia Secret Beach Overview

Lava rock dot the shoreline at Paia Secret Beach on the Hana Hwy in Maui.


  • Nearest Town: Paia
  • Public Bathrooms & Showers: Available at Paia Beach Park, but not at the secret beach.
  • Picnic Benches? No.
  • Lifeguard? No.


Landscape photography from Paia Secret Beach Maui

Tucked between Paia Bay and Baldwin Beach Park, Paia Secret Beach features white sand that is very coarse and lacks the tropical feeling of most of Maui’s beaches.

Rather than swaying palms and soft sand, this shoreline is lined with sparse vegetation, trees, and bushes.

While it is not the most photogenic destination, the appeal of this hidden beach is its ease of access and isolation.

The rocks by the World War II pillbox at the eastern end of the beach provide a shallow pool that is perfect for little ones to play in. However, riptides can be strong along the rest of the beach and there are no lifeguards present, so use caution when swimming here.

The graffiti box and water pipe seen in this photo are the best indicators that you've found Paia Secret Beach.

The Secret Beach is connected to the main Paia Bay Beach via a short overland trail that separates the two. It can also be accessed via Baldwin Beach Park.

Direct vehicle access is only available for Maui residents with a key to the gate.

At the weekends you are likely to spot at least one local family fishing here. Otherwise, it is not uncommon to have the beach to yourself!

Be aware that this is unofficially a clothing-optional beach. This means you are likely to encounter other beachgoers enjoying their time in the nude.

The west end of the beach, opposite the graffitied World War II pillbox, is typically where you’ll see more nudity.

There are temples and youth centers nearby; be sure to only remove clothing at the beach and re-dress prior to departing.

🧭 How to Get to Paia Secret Beach

A satellite view showing the beaches along Hana Hwy on the Maui north shore.

To reach Paia Secret Beach you will need to park at Paia Bay (0.2-mile walk) or Baldwin Beach Park (0.3-mile walk) and walk from there. Vehicle access is provided only for Maui residents, with 4WD and a key to the gated private access road required.

Once you reach the beach at Paia Bay, head west (turn left as you’re facing the ocean) and walk up and over the small vegetated area at the far end of the beach. Alternatively, from Baldwin Beach Park, head east and follow the red dirt path along the rock sea wall at the end of the beach.

With Navigation: Set your navigation for “Lower Paia Park” or “Baldwin Beach Park“. Google Maps will bring you to the respective parking lot.

General Directions: Take the Hana Hwy toward the small tourist town of Paia. Most visitors will be traveling from the west. You will want to turn left onto Alawaia Road for Baldwin Beach Park, or left into Lower Paia Park. If you are driving in from the east, you will continue through Paia then your turn will be on the right.

β˜€οΈ When to Visit Paia Secret Beach

Blue skies over Paia Secret Beach in Maui

Any sunny day is a good time to visit the beaches near Paia.

It is not a particularly good sunset destination as the view is mostly north-facing and the West Maui Mountains obstruct the westerly views.

Likewise, the easterly views for sunrise are obstructed.

High tides limit the amount of beach available. However, you will never struggle to find a spot of sand on this plentiful shoreline.

πŸ“Έ Paia Secret Beach Photo Gallery

The pictures in the gallery below showcase the natural beauty and colors of Paia Secret Beach. All photos were captured on our most recent visit to Paia Secret Beach in 2022.

  • A photo showing where Paia Secret Beach begins

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5 thoughts on “🏝 Paia Secret Beach (Maui): Ultimate 2024 Visitor’s Guide”

  1. Us paia locals call it middles beach. Because it’s in between Baldwin beach and paia bay. Not sure when this “paia secret beach” thing started. Something google maps did I guess.
    Its pretty windy there. If you dont plan on being nude, a better spot is “the cove”, the very east end of Baldwin beach, protected from wind by a large stand of iron wood trees. You can easily walk there in a couple minutes from middles beach.
    In both locations expect a strong presence of cannabis smoke and hippies doing random hippy things, probably some hand drums, maybe a DJ, some fire dancers are possible on a certain night. But I wouldn’t hang out there much longer after dark. Lock your car, hide anything valuable from view. Dont take anything from a vial. Dont feed the hippies.

  2. It was very easy to access this beach and like the author said, several people were tanning and bathing naked. If it wasn’t for the strong wind it would be a great alternative to Makena Little Beach (in Wailea).
    We had the beach to ourselves almost for the entire day. At some point we did have to share it with two amazing sea turtles.
    We found everyone very friendly and happy. There were a couple of guys who were a bit β€œtoo high” but they didn’t bother anyone.

  3. Please don’t get nude near the youth center!
    I have seen many confused tourists flashing the children there. Not cool.


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