Kanaha Beach Park Complete 2024 Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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Kanaha Beach Park hosts a two-mile stretch of white-to-gold sand beach and tropical blue water, sheltered by lush greenery.

With its walking-distance proximity from Maui Airport (OGG), this semi-secret gem is a great place to start or end any Maui itinerary.

The North Shore of Maui is known for receiving high winds and strong currents, but also for its spectacular beaches with picturesque views of the West Maui Mountains. The powerful tides and trade winds make for poor snorkeling conditions, but are exactly what the local surfers and windsurfers love about it.

We always spend a lot of time at Kanaha Beach Park during our trips to Maui. We have created this guide to explain everything you need to know for visiting for the first time.

This includes directions, photo galleries, services, and more.

🌊 About Kanaha Beach Park: Overview

Turtles rest on the shore of Kanaha Beach in North Maui.
Turtles rest on the shore of Kanaha Beach in North Maui as the West Maui Mountains loom large in the distance.


  • Nearest Town: Kahalui
  • Parking: A parking lot is available at Kanaha Beach Park.
  • Public Bathrooms? Yes.
  • Showers? Yes.
  • Lifeguard? Yes.


Beautiful Kanaha Beach on the Maui North Shore behind OGG airport.
A view of Kanaha Beach from the western edge looking east across the beach.

Kanaha Beach Park is located within walking distance of the Maui Kahului Airport (OGG), making it a great place first or last stop for holiday visitors. The white-to-gold sand, lush greenery, tropical waters, and mountain views look like something stolen from a postcard.

The favorable offshore breezes this region often receives make it a very popular destination for local windsurfers. Its remote nature also makes it a favorite spot for the native honu, aka Hawaiian sea turtles, to rest.

The west end of the park is the more developed, providing restrooms, showers, parking, lifeguards, and most other basic amenities.

🌎 How to Get to Kanaha Beach Park

The satellite view above shows the location of Kanaha Beach Park near Maui airport (OGG) on the north shore.
The satellite view above shows the location of Kanaha Beach Park near Maui airport (OGG).

With Navigation: GPS devices will recognize the beach by name.

General Directions: Kanaha Beach Park is located off of Amala Place road on the North Shore of Maui. You can connect to Amala Place by taking Mayor Elmer F. Cravalho Way as if you were going to the airport but continuing past it.

β˜€οΈ When to Visit Kanaha Beach Park

A myriad of windsurfers take to the sky at Kanaha Beach on the Maui North Shore.
A myriad of windsurfers take to the sky at Kanaha Beach in front of the West Maui Mountains.

The best time to visit Kanaha Beach is right after you have gotten off the plane! The park is located just a short walk away from the airport, waiting to welcome vacationers with some Maui aloha.

Seasonally, those same winds that delight windsurfers make enjoying the sandy shore difficult. The wind and water tend to be calmer and the colors more vibrant during morning visits.

🏝 Kanaha Beach Park Photo Gallery

The Kanaha Beach Park photo gallery above gives some insight as to what you can expect to see on your visit to this beautiful North Maui destination.

Aqua and turquoise water meet white-to-gold sand with the West Maui Mountains towering in the background. When conditions are right, this becomes one of the best places in Hawaii for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

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