Spreckelsville Beach Complete Guide: Photos, Services & More

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Spreckelsville Beach (aka Sprecks Beach or Baby Beach) is a beautiful gold sand beach and an extension of the incredible Baldwin Beach near the historic town of Paia. It is known for being a great option for beachgoers trying to get away from the crowds and off the beaten path.

The most remarkable feature of this hidden gem is the remarkable color palette you will discover. Looking across a red-lava shelf at blue skies, golden sand, aqua water, green trees, and black lava rocks is something special to behold.

Both Baldwin Beach and Sprecks Beach are considered some of the best beaches on the Maui North Shore and have become popular stops on the Road to Hana scenic drive.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know for finding this hidden game and planning your visit.

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Spreckelsville Beach Photo Gallery

  • A photo from the lava rock at Specks Beach facing west

The Spreckelsville Beach photo gallery above shows what you can expect to see on your visit to this beautiful Maui destination.

The color palette is one of the most incredible beach scenes you will encounter, ranging from blue skies to green water to black and red lava rock, complete with a golden-sand shoreline.

Spreckelsville Beach Overview


  • Nearest Town: Paia
  • Parking: Very limited and in a residential area; the best bet is to park at Baldwin Beach Park and walk from there.
  • Public Bathrooms? Also at Baldwin Beach Park, but not at Spreckelsville Beach.
  • Picnic Benches? No.
  • Showers? No.
  • Grills? No.
  • Lifeguard? No.


Standing on red lava rock looking at Spreckelsville Beach in North Maui.

Imagine standing on a lava-red shelf under a bright blue sky. To the right is lush green palms, tropical-aqua water, black lava rocks, and pure golden sand. To the left is much the same but the majestic West Maui Mountains loom in the background. This is what makes Spreckelsville Beach so special.

The West Maui mountains as seen from Baby Beach (Spreckelsville Beach), with red dirt dotted with black lava rocks, and the ocean in the foreground

Essentially, Sprecks Beach (aka Baby Beach North Shore) is merely an extension of Baldwin Beach. While they may be part of the same coastline, the experience is very different. Baldwin Beach Park is maintained and welcomes visitors on the Road to Hana with open arms, providing all the typical services. Spreckelsville Beach, meanwhile, is tough to find, tougher to park at, and provides no services whatsoever.

The trade-off is solitude and visual delight. That said, Baby Beach has actually earned a reputation and is far from a local secret. Do not expect to have it to yourself.

How to Get to Spreckelsville Beach

Satellite view of Sprecks Beach on the Maui North Shore.
The red pin in the satellite photo above shows the location of Sprecks Beach on the Maui North Shore.

With Navigation: Input “Baby Beach, Sprecklesville Area” into Google Maps and you will be brought to a residential street with limited parking. If you can find parking here, this is the closest entry point. Alternatively, navigate to “Baldwin Beach Park” where you will find ample parking and can then walk along the beach to reach Spreckelsville Beach.

General Directions: From Paia, take the Hana Highway west. Turn right onto Nonohe Pl, approximately 1 mile after Baldwin Beach Park. After 0.2 miles the road will bear right onto  Paani Pl, then take the first left turn onto Kealakai Pl. Limited parking can be found on this road. If parking is not available, backtrack to Baldwin Beach Park and walk along the beach from there.

When to Visit Sprecks Beach

A photo from the lava rock at Specks Beach facing west

If you want to find a parking spot and avoid the crowds, arrive early. By midday, Spreckelsville Beach will have its fair share of other beachgoers to contend with.

That said, it is a good spot any time for relaxing and especially special for sunset. The sun will go down behind the West Maui Mountains rather than sinking below the horizon, but it is still a beautiful thing to see. For this reason, most beaches on the North Shore are amazing places to watch sunset in Maui.

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