🏝 Charley Young Beach (Maui): Complete 2024 Guide

Charley Young Beach is one of the quieter beaches in South Kihei despite being one of the most beautiful in the area as well.

Located at the northern end of Kam 1, this beautiful golden shoreline is perfect for sunbathing or relaxing in the shade provided by tropical palm trees overhanging the beach.

While not quite as popular or famous as the neighboring beaches of Kamaole Beach Park, it is the peace that comes with the anonymity that makes this spot so special.

Learn how to find this beach as well as what to expect and answers to the most frequently asked questions in this complete guide to Charley Young Beach.

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πŸ– Charley Young Beach Overview

This photo shows a busy Charley Young Beach on a cloudy day in Maui.
Even on a cloudy day, Charley Young Beach has plenty of visitors.


  • Nearest Town: Kihei
  • Parking? A small parking lot is available
  • Public Bathrooms? Portapotties
  • Picnic Benches? No
  • Showers? Yes
  • Grills? No
  • Lifeguard? No


Kihei is a lengthy shoreline on the west coast of South Maui. There are 15 Kihei beaches in total, and many consider Charley Young Beach to be the best of all.

While the Kamaole Beaches are the more popular, it is this notoriety and popularity that drives many to seek the peace and quiet of this neighboring shore. Despite being a continuation of Kam 1, most visitors don’t venture this far up the beach!

The downside to Charley Young Beach is that there are far more rocks lining the shore, making it a less appealing destination for swimming. However, the north reef can provide some good snorkeling when the conditions are calm and it is common to encounter Hawaiian green sea turtles here.

Most visitors are locals who enjoy bodyboarding and surfing here.

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πŸš— How to Get to Charley Young Beach

The red pin in this satellite view of Kihei shows the exact location of Charley Young Beach in Maui.
The red pin in this satellite view of Kihei shows the exact location of Charley Young Beach.

Getting to Charley Young Beach with Navigation

Input “Charley Young Beach” into your navigation search, but know that the parking lot will be a little before your “final destination”.

As you turn onto Kai’au Place, the parking lot will be immediately to your right.

Driving Directions to Charley Young Beach

Heading north on South Kihei Road, turn left onto Kai’au Place and the parking lot will be an immediate right turn.

The parking lot for Charley Young Beach is on the corner of Kai’au Place and South Kihei Road, opposite Maui Vista.

As you walk out of the parking lot, take a right and you will reach the entrance to the beach.

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Charley Young Beach is the quiet neighbor of the famous Kamaole Beach Park in Kihei.  Learn all about this secret gem in our complete guide.
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