🏝 Kamaole Beach Park: Complete Guide to Kam 1,2, & 3 (2024)

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The Kamaole Beach Park consists of three distinct sections (Kam 1, Kam 2, & Kam 3) which are considered the best of all 15 beaches in Kihei.

Each of these beaches is comprised of soft golden sand that runs straight into the beautiful blue water of the Pacific Ocean.

All 3 of the Kamaole Beach Parks provide picnic areas, showers, public restrooms, and lifeguards, making them the best beaches on Maui for families with children.

In this guide, we explained everything you need to know for planning your visit. This includes directions, descriptions, photos, and a list of services nearby.


πŸ– Kamaole Beach Park Overview

Located right on South Kihei Road, Kamaole Beach Park is a collection of three beaches, locally referred to as Kam 1, Kam 2, and Kam 3. These three beaches are perhaps the most popular of all the Kihei beaches, and for good reason!

With their soft golden sand, lifeguards on duty, excellent facilities, convenient locations, and accessibility, all three beaches are perfect for relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, building sandcastles, and enjoying your Maui family vacation.

The waters at all three beaches are typically calm and safe for swimming, although caution should always be taken and conditions checked with the lifeguards.

During the winter months, these beaches provide a great place for spotting migrating whales that enjoy the shallow waters between Maui, Lanai, and Molokai. You can typically see them with the naked eye right from the shore!

However, these parks are no secret and you can expect all three Kam beaches to be fairly crowded most of the day. With that said, they provide wide expanses of sand and finding a spot is never a problem. Be aware that the parking lot is only open daily from 7am until 8pm, though all beaches in Hawaii are public and always free to access.


  • Nearest Town: Kihei (one of the Top 10 Best Towns to Visit in Maui)
  • Parking? Parking lots and streetside parking are available at each beach.
  • Public Bathrooms? Yes
  • Picnic Benches? Yes
  • Showers? Yes
  • Grills? Yes
  • Lifeguard? Yes


  • Volleyball net (Kam 1)
  • Drinking fountains (Kam 2)
  • ADA-accessible ramp (Kam 2)
  • Swing set and play area (Kam 3)
  • Local restaurants, shopping, and grocery stores within walking distance

β˜€οΈ Kamaole Beach Park I (Kam 1)

Kam I offers a wide white sand beach set between two rocky outcrops and is often considered the most beautiful beach in South Maui.

Including Charley Young Beach at its northern end, the beach is 0.3 miles in length and is the largest of the three beaches within the park.

It is less rocky than the other two Kam beaches and has a volleyball net on the sandy area near the parking lot.

The "Dolphin" sailboat shipwreck on Kamaole Beach I in Kihei, Maui.
The “Dolphin” shipwreck on Kam 1.

The beach has recently been renamed “Shipwreck Beach” by locals and tourists alike, due to the large sailboat that became washed ashore during strong storms in December 2021. It was still present on the beach in April 2022, and there are no current plans for it to be removed.

The area behind the boat is coned off for safety reasons.

β›± Kamaole Beach Park II (Kam 2)

Kamaole Beach Park II showing golden sand, blue waters, and resorts and palm trees lining the busy beach.

The soft white sand of Kamaole II is ideal for a family day out at the beach, perfect for building sandcastles and sunbathing.

The waters here are typically calm, especially in the morning, with a sandy offshore bottom that makes it ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

The best snorkeling is at either end of the beach around the rocky outcrops. Green turtles, or honu, often hang out around the rocks here. These outcrops are also a great place to explore the tidepools during low tides, with many little fish, urchins, crabs, and other critters living in them.

Tidepools at the southern end of Kamaole Beach II
Exploring tide pools at Kamaole II.

Following storms, this beach is more susceptible to having debris and large rocks exposed than Kam I. As with most of the beaches in Maui, it is worth packing some beach shoes, particularly for little ones.

🌴Kamaole Beach Park III (Kam 3)

View overlooking Kam III beach, showing the lifeguard towers nestled into palm trees, with golden sand and blue waters below.
Wide sandy beach at Kam 2 in Kihei

Kam 3 is the smallest of the three Kamaole beaches, but has the largest park and most facilities.

The shoreline is rockier here than the other two Kam beaches. However, these rocky parts are great for exploring tidepools and provide some of the best snorkeling, particularly around the rocky point at the south of the beach.

View of Kamaole Beach 2 from the the northern end, showing lava rocks dotting the sandy shoreline

The water at Kam III can also be a little rougher than at Kam I and Kam II. This makes it the best spot for bodyboarding, but also presents some hazard. If visiting with younger children, ensure you check the lifeguard station for current conditions.

With that said, the waters are typically calm and Kam 3 still remains a firm family favorite, with it often being touted as the best beach in Maui for kids.

A child with a spade running towards the water at Kam 2 Beach in Kihei, Maui

In addition to a huge grassy area with plenty of picnic tables and BBQ grills, there is also a swing set for children here. This makes it a popular spot with locals for family gatherings.

At the weekends you may want to arrive early as it can get busy here.

πŸ“ How to Get to Kamaole Beach Park

Google Map showing the three Kamaole Beach Parks

With Navigation: Simply input Kamaole Beach Park I, II, or III and you cannot miss the beaches.

Driving Directions: Kamaole Beach Park is located along South Kihei Road at the southern end of Kihei.

Driving south from Kihei, follow South Kihei Road until you reach the Kamaole Beach Parks on your right. From Wailea, travel north along South Kihei Road. The beaches will be along this road on your left.

πŸŒ… When to Visit Kamaole Beach Park

Whale tail splashes out of the water at sunset off of Kam 3 beach.
A whale tail waves goodbye to the sun off the shores of Kam 3 Beach in Maui.

With its ample facilities and convenient location, Kamaole Beach Park is the perfect place at any time of day, or even for the whole day!

During the morning hours, the beaches will likely be quieter and less windy with calmer water. As the day progresses, the trade winds and waves can often pick up a bit.

These beaches are also perfect for catching a Maui sunset. As they face west, you can expect nature to put on a spectacular show here.

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