🐒 Kaulahao Beach / Kuau Beach: Ultimate Guide for Turtle Lovers

Kaulahao Beach Maui blog cover image.  Text overlaying an image of a green turtle resting on the sand at Kaulahao Beach.

Hidden away on Maui’s North Shore is the small turtle haven of Kaulahao Beach. This locals’ hangout provides a small patch of coarse sand with deep blue water and a section of beach dedicated to “honus“, aka Hawaiian green sea turtles.

This beach is also commonly referred to as Kuau Beach Park. It is located just beyond the town of Paia on the Hana Highway near the starting point for the famous Road to Hana scenic drive.

This complete guide covers everything you need to know for visiting Kaulahao Beach. This includes exact directions, photos, services, snorkeling tips, and anything else you need to know.

Kuau Beach Park Overview


  • Nearest Town: Paia
  • Parking? Yes, a small parking lot.
  • Public Bathrooms? Yes, portapotties.
  • Picnic Benches? No.
  • Showers? No.
  • Grills? No.
  • Lifeguard? No.


Kaulahao Beach is a small, lesser-visited beach on the North Shore of Maui.

It is best known for the large population of resident Hawaiian green sea turtles who frequent the shores and waters.

The west-facing views and thriving turtle population make this a great place for watching sunset in Maui, and its secluded nature tends to limit the crowds of tourists.

An empty shoreline photo from Kuau Beach park.
An empty beach on a cloudy day at Kuau Beach Park.

This spot is a popular hangout for locals. It is quite common to see a small group congregated to fish and drink near the parking area.

How to Get to Kaulahao Beach

Satellite view with location for finding  Kaulahao Beach.
The red pin indicates where you will find the beach along the Hana Hwy.

With Navigation: Most devices will recognize Kaulahao Beach and deliver you directly to the parking area. There is no walk required.

General Directions: Take the Hana Hwy through Paia and make a left onto Kuau Beach Place. Park in the dirt lot and you will immediately see the main beach in front of you. The protected turtle cove is to your right facing the ocean and indicated by a rock line.

When to Visit Kaulahao Beach

A turtle rests on the shore of Kaulahao Beach at sunset.
Sunset is a great time to visit to see turtles resting on the shores and the sky changing color.

You are likely to see turtles resting on the shore anytime you visit.

If you plan on snorkeling, midday is the best time to visit, as the overhead light will create the best visibility underwater.

Sunset is also a magical time to visit. Your view from the beach is mostly west-facing and the resident honu are typically content to pose restfully in your foreground.

Please be respectful of their home and keep a minimum of 10ft (3m) from them at all times.

Snorkeling at Kaulahao Beach Maui

A close up of a sea turtle taken underwater at Kuau Beach park in Maui.

Make sure you pack your snorkel gear and underwater camera! Though the water can be very choppy and visibility hit-or-miss, snorkeling is possible from right off the beach.

The great thing about exploring underwater here is that you are almost guaranteed to see turtles!

We absolutely recommend you have this experience, just be sure to give the turtles plenty of space and never touch them.

Not only is touching or disturbing turtles illegal, but these gentle giants also weigh more than you realize, and injuries have occurred from wave-caused collisions. Besides, they don’t like to be poked and handled on a relaxing day in Hawaii any more than you would!

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