🏝 VOR Beach, Maui: How & Why You Must See this Secret Beach (2024)

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Located just behind the Kahului Airport (OGG) is a hidden tropical oasis known as VOR Beach. Due to its secluded nature, this beautiful beach is typically quiet and mostly known only by locals.

The peaceful and beautiful nature of the North Shore of Maui framed by the West Maui Mountains, makes it the perfect getaway for beach-goers who want to enjoy some tranquility on this busy island.

Learn how to find this hidden gem and why it is considered one of the best secret beaches on Maui in this complete visitor guide to VOR Beach. This includes photos, directions, service, and everything you need to know before visiting.

VOR Beach Overview


  • Nearest Town: Paia
  • Public Bathrooms? No.
  • Picnic Benches? No.
  • Showers? No.
  • Grills? No.
  • Lifeguard? No.


VOR Beach is a secluded, secret beach on the North Shore of Maui behind the Kahului Airport (OGG) of Maui. The primary beach is attached to the parking area, but there are several coves in both directions that can be quickly reached with a short walk.

The beach is a popular spot for locals and is seldom seen by tourists. It is also commonly enjoyed by the resident green sea turtles, or “honu” as they are known in Hawaiian.

The primary activities beachgoers enjoy at VOR are snorkeling, kite surfing, fishing, and camping. It’s also a great spot to watch the planes coming and going from the airport, although they can be loud due to their proximity.

Finally, this hidden gem is located just slightly off of the Hana Highway. Visitors planning the scenic drive should be sure to include this as a must-see stop on the Road to Hana.

How to Get to VOR Beach

Satellite map view of the beaches near the Maui Airport (OGG)
The red pin indicates this secret beach just behind the Maui Airport (OGG).

With Navigation: Input “VOR Beach” into navigation. As you will see on the map above, there eare two gated roads to the beach. Do NOT take the first road off of Stable Road toward the beach, but rather the second gated road after it. The second is in a much better condition.

General Directions: From the Kahului Airport or anywhere on the west side of the island, drive east on the Hana Hwy toward Paia. Make a left onto Stable Road. Make a right onto the second road leading to the beach (NOT the first dirt road – this one is not in a good condition!)

When to Visit

Afternoons are the best time to visit VOR Beach, particularly if it is clear and sunny.

Make sure you pack your snorkel gear as this is a great place to snorkel and the overhead sunlight will make it even better. Also, the resident sea turtles are more likely to pay a visit in the afternoon and evening.

Morning is also a fine time, but some of the smaller coves will still be in the shade. Also, the morning tends to be cloudier on this side of Maui (though not always).

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