Keawakapu Beach Maui: Complete Guide (Photos, GPS & More)

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Keawakapu Beach is a pristine golden sand beach on the southern edge of the Kihei shoreline of South Maui. It is the southernmost of the 15 Kihei beaches and, therefore, has the softest sand in the region (the beaches become increasingly more coarse as you travel north).

The north end of Keawakapu Beach is always busier due to its proximity to facilities and parking, as well as the silky sand. There is a southern portion as well which is quieter but rockier.

Learn more about this beautiful beach in this complete guide. You will discover how to get there, what to expect, when to go, and inspirational photo galleries in the sections below.

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Keawakapu Beach Photo Gallery

  • Palm trees tower over lush greenery at the entrance to Keawakapu Beach in Maui.

The Keawakapu Beach photo gallery above shows a collection of images to prepare you for what you can expect to see on your visit to this beautiful South Maui destination.

Densely-packed tropical palm trees and lush green vegetation adorn a golden-sand shore that collides with the blue and turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean.

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Keawakapu Beach Overview


  • Nearest Town: Kihei
  • Parking? Parking lots at both north and south end, as well as Kilohana lot near the middle.
  • Public Bathrooms? A Portapotty is available at Keawakapu II parking lot
  • Picnic Benches? No
  • Showers? Yes
  • Grills? No
  • Lifeguard? No


Keawakapu Beach is one of the best beaches in Kihei by any measure…

The sand is silky-soft and golden. And, at 0.7 miles in length, beachgoers are provided a lengthy expanse of shoreline to enjoy.

Meanwhile, the water is some of the calmest and clearest in Kihei. These factors, along with the thriving sea life, make it one of the most popular places to swim or snorkel in Maui.

All of this beauty is capped off with swaying palm trees and greenery that are lush, vibrant, and complete the idyllic postcard-worthy scenery.

A woman explores the tidepools within the lava rock at the junction of Keawakapu Beach and Kam 2 in Kihei.
Tidepools present themselves at low tide within the lava rock shelf at the south end.

Humans aren’t the only ones who appreciate Keawakapu Beach. Sea turtles (aka “honu” in Hawaiian) can often be spotted swimming around and feeding off the rocks at either end of the beach.

During low tide, these rocky outcrops also provide tidepools that are great for exploring with little ones – just ensure you have some beach shoes for walking over the lava rocks.

How to Get to Keawakapu Beach

Satellite map view of Keawakapu Beach showing the parking lots.

There are a number of parking lots, all of which are free to park in, and public access points for Keawakapu Beach. These are shown with stars in the above map.

At the northern end of the beach are two public parking lots which you can find on Google Maps labeled as “Keawakapu Beach Public Parking #1” and “Keawakapu Beach Public Parking #2“, with the latter being slightly closer to the beach.

Further south, closer to the midpoint of the beach is “Kilohana Parking Lot“. This parking lot is located on the corner of South Kihei Road and Kilohana Drive. To reach the beach after parking, cross S Kihei Road at the pedestrian crossing then turn right. A signed public beach access way will then be on your left.

Finally, at the south end of the beach, there is “Keawakapu Wailea-Ekahi Parking Lot“. This parking lot is located at the southern end of S Kihei Road.

When to Visit

A southern-facing view of Keawakapu Beach in SouthMaui.

There are two particularly good times to visit Keawakapu Beach. The first is in the morning when the water is at its calmest, the beach least-crowded, the turtles are still hanging around, and the overhead sun is high enough to provide some light for snorkeling.

The second is at sunset. As with all of the beaches in Kihei, the views to the west are completely unobstructed. This particular beach also provides a plethora of palms to frame the foreground and create those magical aloha vibes. Many consider Keawakapu Beach one of the best places for sunsets in Maui.

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