2024 Guide to Twin Falls, Oregon in Silver Falls State Park

Autumn photography of Twin Falls, Oregon in Silver Falls State Park.
Twin Falls is one of the smallest waterfalls in Silver Falls State Park, Oregon.

Twin Falls Overview

Twin Falls is the second-smallest waterfall in Silver Falls State Park, Oregon. It derives its name as the cascade is split into two symmetrical sections by a section of rock most of the year. Following heavy rainfall, however, this may be hidden by the increased flow of water.

Hikers wishing to discover this small waterfall will need to hike along the Canyon Trail, or better still, complete the Trail of Ten Falls. It is on the natural path and requires no detour.

While it may not be the largest, most impressive, or most photogenic of the falls you’ll find in Silver Falls State Park, it adds a bit of interest to the hike. Find out everything you need to know for visiting Twin Falls below.

Twin Falls Quick Facts

  • Location: Silver Falls State Park, Oregon
  • GPS Coordinates: 44.88518, -122.63702
  • Twin Falls Height: 31 feet (9.5 meters)
  • Twin Falls Avg Width: 20 feet (6 meters)
  • Max Width: 40 feet (12 meters)
  • Seasonality: Twin Falls is a perennial waterfall but can be as small as a trickle in the summer or wide enough to lose the illusion of being a “twin” fall following heavy rain.
  • Viewing Angles: Top-down, left side only. No access to base, right side, or front-on views.

Location of Twin Falls, Oregon and How to Get There

Driving Directions to Twin Falls

Silver Falls State Park is located on Highway 214 near Silverton, about 25 miles (40km) southeast of Salem and 55 miles (88km) south of Portland. There are four trailheads and parking lots for Silver Falls:

  • South Falls Day Use Area (1.9)
  • North Falls Day Use and Group Camp (0.5)
  • North Falls Trailhead (1.2)
  • Winter Falls Trailhead (0.8)

The closest parking lot to Twin Falls is the North Falls Day Use and Group Camp. If you are planning to spend the day picnicking and just taking a short hike to the waterfalls this is a perfect option.

However, if like most, you plan to visit multiple waterfalls you are better off parking at South Falls Day Use Area. This parking lot has the most parking spaces available, as well as facilities, including restrooms, water fountains, a cafe, and the lodge. However, it is the furthest from Twin Falls, requiring a 1.9-mile hike.

Directions can be easily found by searching for South Falls or North Falls Day Use Area in Google Maps! You can also find driving directions to Silver Falls from Portland here or from Eugene here.

Hiking Directions to Twin Falls

As previously discussed above, there are four trailheads from which you can begin your hike.

However, to truly experience Silver Falls State Park, we’d strongly suggest completing the entire 7.8 mile Trail of Ten Falls. This hike can be started from any of the trailheads and will take you past Twin Falls, as well as 9 other waterfalls.

If you wish to hike directly to Twin Falls, the shortest option will be via the Twin Falls Trail from North Falls Day Use Area. From here, 0.5-mile trail will take you directly to Twin Falls and is well signposted.

Twin Falls Photography Tips

There is very little room for creativity at Twin Falls. There is only one vantage point available to photographers, and that is from the main trail.

As you cannot get to the base and it is so small, you will pretty much be just pointing straight at it and zooming in as far as you need to fill the frame.

Consider shooting Twin Falls with a long exposure to add some emotion and calm to this small cascade. By “dragging the shutter”, you can create a dreamlike, ethereal element to the image.

If you are a beginner and need some help with this, check out our comprehensive guide to long exposure waterfall photography to learn everything you need to know regarding filters, settings, equipment, and technique!

Other Waterfalls Nearby

If you have not already, you will definitely want to consult our comprehensive guide to The Trail of Ten Falls in Silver Falls State Park to learn about the different options for hiking, camping, and planning your visit.

As the name implies, there are 9 other waterfalls near Middle North Falls that are all worth visiting and exploring. These include:

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