Kalama Park, Maui: The COMPLETE Beach Guide (2022)

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Kalama Park in Maui is a spacious, 36-acre park perfect for picnicking, biking, or enjoying other outdoor recreation. There is technically a beach, but it is very small and is not to be confused with the far more famous Kalama Beach Park of Oahu!

The actual beach at Kalama Park is possibly the worst of the 15 beaches in Kihei. It is very small, shallow, rocky, and typically murky with seaweed.

That said, the park itself is one of the best outdoor spaces in Kihei for long walks, bicycling, picnics, and activities. It provides great facilities and is conveniently located in front of Kihei Kalama Village, where you’ll find many shops and restaurants. Additionally, it is a popular spot for surf lessons.

Discover everything you need to know for visiting including photos, directions, and more useful information below.

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Kalama Park Maui Photo Gallery

  • Looking north toward West Maui from Kalama Park

The Kalama Beach Park photo gallery above shows what you can expect to see on your visit to this Maui destination.

As you may notice, there is very little beach at all, but plenty of grass and trails and outdoor recreation opportunities to enjoy instead.

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Kalama Park Overview

A bicyclist rides the shoreline path at Kalama Park in Maui.


  • Nearest Town: Kihei
  • Parking? Ample parking in the lot
  • Public Bathrooms? Yes
  • Picnic Benches? Yes
  • Showers? Yes
  • Grills? Yes
  • Lifeguard? No


A photo of the small beach at Kalama Park in Maui.

Kalama Park in Maui is an excellent destination for a variety of non-beach activities. A covered pavilion provides cover for everything from large group BBQs or parties to casual picnics.

In addition, there is a skate park, inline skate rink, baseball & soccer field, basketball & tennis court, and even a children’s playground available for public recreation. A paved walkway also spans the shoreline, perfect for walking or cycling.

The one thing you do not want to go to Kalama Beach Park for is, surprisingly, the beach. Only a small inlet exists which is entirely covered during high tide. During low tide, the sand is uncomfortably coarse and filled with debris. The water is typically filled with seaweed, and unideal for swimming.

However, Kalama Beach is a popular location, along with nearby Cove Beach Park for surf lessons and stand-up paddleboard lessons! The reliable, gentle waves and shallower water provide the perfect place for beginner and intermediate surfers.

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How to Get to Kalama Park

A satellite view showing how and where to find Kalama Park near Kihei in Maui.

With Navigation: Navigate to “Kalama Park“. This will bring you to the parking lot.

General Directions: Kalama Park is located just off of South Kihei Road, opposite Kihei Kalama Village. It is easily visible with a large whale statue at the entrance, as well as a sign for the park itself. At the junction with Keala Pl, turn left into the parking lot from the south or turn right if coming from the north.

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Kalama Park is a large outdoor space on Maui in the Kihei region.  Learn all about the services and amenities provided in this complete guide.

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