🐒 Galapagos in November: Tours, Weather & Travel Tips (2024)

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The beginning of November is one of the quietest months in the Galapagos Islands, making it an excellent time to visit. Thanksgiving weekend, however, is one of the busiest of the year!

November is also typically when the seasonal shift from “cool and dry” to “wet and warm” begins.

If you are reading this guide, it is likely that you are either considering or have already decided on a visit to Galapagos in November. Accordingly, we have put together a compilation of the information most helpful for planning your trip.

In addition to weather and climate information, we will also highlight some of the best tours that are only available in November, seasonal snorkeling & wildlife considerations.

For those still deciding on when to visit the Galapagos, we recommend also reading our complete guide on the Best Time to Visit Galapagos: Pros & Cons for Each Month.

πŸ‘πŸ½ Is November a Good Time to Visit the Galapagos Islands?

Beautiful daytime photo of the pristine beaches of Bartolome Island taken from the iconic viewpoint.

November is an excellent time to visit Galapagos in terms of small crowds, sunny (enough) weather, and slightly cooler temperatures.

What rain should be expected tends to occur at the end of the month, but even this is limited.

The water will be starting to warm up with the return of the Panama Current. This transitionary time is great for snorkeling, as the water is getting warmer but the animals that the nutrient-rich Humboldt Current attracts are still around and active.

🌀 Galapagos Islands Weather in November

A lone child plays on the beach at Playa de Oro on San Cristobal island.

The Galapagos Islands are on the equator, meaning the weather is mostly consistent year-round. Of course, everywhere on the planet has some seasonality!

November is a shoulder season. This means the weather is slightly less predictable as the region transitions out of the “cool and dry season” and into the “warm and wet” season.

Visitors of the Galapagos Islands in November should expect cloudy skies most of the day with enough breaks in the clouds for the sun to come out.

Rainfall tends to be limited until December, but some early storms do blow in and out from time to time.

Temperatures during the day will be idyllic, but nights can get a little chilly.

Galapagos Weather Averages in November

  • Avg Max Temperature: 78Β°F (26Β°C)
  • Avg Min Temperature: 66Β°F (19Β°C)
  • Avg Sea Temperature: 72Β°F (22Β°C)
  • Avg Monthly Rainfall: 0.2 inches (5mm)
  • Avg Clear Sky Daily: 3.5 hours

🚍 Best Tours to the Galapagos in November

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Aerial photo of a Galapagos cruise ship docked off the volcanic shoreline of San Cristobal island.

You will find a number of tour options for November in Galapagos, including both land-based tours and cruises.

These vary in length, itineraries, and inclusions, so be sure to read the details carefully when making comparisons.

You can use the two buttons below to explore different land-based tours and cruise options.

🐧 Wildlife in Galapagos in November

The main attraction of the Galapagos Islands is the incredible and unique wildlife that calls it home.

Fortunately, most animal inhabitants of the Galapagos are perennial, meaning they are always around. However, there are a few migratory visitors and even the permanent occupants have behavioral differences that vary seasonally.

The list below explains what you can expect from the most popular animals in the Galapagos Islands during the month of November.


A large male tortoise towers above a much smaller female tortoise at El Chato ranch.

Giant Tortoises
These animals for which the islands are named (Galapagos is Spanish for tortoise) are active year-round.

Each island has its own unique species of tortoise, except for Pinta Island which went extinct with the passing of Lonesome George in June 2012.

A pair of blue footed boobies on Isabela island.

Blue Footed Booby
November is a great time to witness the incredible feeding behavior of the boobies, which torpedo the water from the skies to catch fish.

You may also spot a few chicks still remaining, particularly on EspaΓ±ola and Isabela islands.

Two Galapagos penguins stood on dark lava rock on Bartolome Island.

Galapagos Penguin
With only about 1000 active pairs left, penguin sightings are a rarity… but November visitors are in luck!

November is perhaps the time to see these crowd favorites as they begin their courtship rituals and nesting.

A well camouflaged marine iguana perches on lava rock on Isabela Beach.

Marine Iguana
Towards the end of November, you may start to see marine iguanas beginning mating behaviors.

Don’t be alarmed to see a couple of marine iguanas having it out as they fight to win the attraction of potential mates.

An adorable baby sea lion is seen soaking in the sunset light on San Cristobal island in the Galapagos.

Baby Sea Lions 
Galapagos visitors in November might get to see one of the most adorable things in this world; sea lion pups figuring out this whole “life” thing!

Underwater photo of a whale shark in crystal clear water in the Galapagos islands.

Whale Sharks
The largest fish in the world, the “Whale Shark” migrates through the Galapagos each year at precisely the same time.

Their migration begins in June, peaks over the summer months, and finishes in November.

A brown noddy perched on lava rock at Los Tuneles, Isabela in the Galapagos.

Brown Noddy
Breeding season for this unusual white-capped, brown-bodied bird is at its peak during November in the Galapagos Islands.


πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Galapagos Tourism & Crowds in November

The final stop on Day 2 of our 10 day Galapagos itinerary is here at Playa Punta Carola on San Cristobal.

Early November is one of the quietest times of the year for tourism in the Galapagos. In fact, this is one of the best reasons to visit the islands during this time.

Be warned, however, that the Thanksgiving holiday is a particularly popular time to visit!

While crowds will be smaller than usual even in early November, this does not mean you can rely on last-minute bookings! Demand is typically higher than supply for most services in the Galapagos Islands, even during the shoulder seasons.

As much as possible, try to book tours, accommodation, and transport far in advance. This is especially important if you plan on island hopping via the ferry.


🀿 Snorkeling in Galapagos in November

Underwater photo of a sea lion in the Galapagos islands catching sunlight while spinning around in crystal clear water.

There is no bad time for snorkeling in the Galapagos, but there is a “good, better, best” qualifier.

The Humboldt Current brings a cool-water stream to the Galapagos Islands which is nutrient-dense, attracting a huge amount of aquatic life. However, the cooler makes it harder to spend (and enjoy) significant time undersea, especially without a wetsuit. It also has poorer visibility.

As the Panama Current starts to make its way south, the water warms up and visibility improves, but wildlife activity decreases.

November marks the end of the “cool & dry season” and the water will be starting to warm up with the return of the Panama Current.

This transitionary time is great for snorkeling, as the water is getting warmer but the wildlife that the nutrient-rich Humboldt Current attracts are still around.


🎭 Events & Festivals in Galapagos in November

There are two bank holidays in Ecuador in November, which fall on back-to-back days.

November 2 is the Dia de los Difuntos, also known as the Day of the Dead or All Souls Day. This is celebrated in all of Ecuador by families visiting the cemeteries where loved ones are buried.

A treat known as “guaguas” are sold in every bakery for the holiday as well. Guaguas are colorfully-iced bread shaped like a swaddled infant and occasionally filled with jelly.

November 3 is Independence of Cuenca (Independencia de Cuenca), commemorating a historic day when the city of Cuenca declared independence.


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πŸ’¬ Final Thoughts on Visiting Galapagos in November

The two of us work very hard to create these free travel guides to help you plan your dream vacation. If you think we’ve done a good job and would like to say thanks, please consider clicking the donate button below πŸ™‚

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