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Sugar Beach is a quiet, lesser-visited shoreline on the north end of Kihei. It is also the longest continuous stretch of sand in Maui, extending 2.5 miles from North Kihei to Haycraft Park.

The open space and lack of crowds make Sugar Beach the perfect place for an extended walk on the beach.

The major downside to Sugar Beach is the colony of Kiawe trees that line its shores. These nasty trees drop an extremely sharp thorn that can easily puncture through flip-flops.

In this guide, I will provide photos, descriptions, exact directions, and everything you need to know before visiting Sugar Beach.

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πŸ– Sugar Beach Overview


  • Nearest Town: Kihei
  • Parking? Streetside
  • Public Bathrooms? No
  • Picnic Benches? No
  • Showers? No
  • Grills? No
  • Lifeguard? No


A photo of Sugar Beach in Maui facing west toward the mountains.

Sugar Beach is hidden behind a few small resorts on the north end of Kihei. It extends 2.5 miles, making it the longest continuous stretch of sand on Maui.

Palm and Kiawe trees line the faded-golden shore. While the palms provide a tropical, aloha vibe, the Kiawes present a painful danger. These invasive pests yield an extremely sharp thorn known for puncturing thin-soled flip flops. Be extra mindful the further you journey north and ensure you have some beach shoes!

Sugar Beach ends at the northernmost of Kihei’s 15 beaches known as Maalaea Beach, though there is no distinguishable start and end between the two. However, you will find the beach slowly changing from soft, powdery sand to more coarse, rocky sand as you venture north.

Despite the thorns, this beach is one of the favorites in South Maui for walking the extensive coastline and is popular for windsurfing and kite surfing as well. If quiet serenity is the priority, this beach is worth a visit.

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πŸš— How to Get to Sugar Beach

A Satellite View of where to find Sugar Beach on the north end of Kihei.
A Satellite View of where to find Sugar Beach on the north end of Kihei.

There are many access points for Sugar Beach along North and South Kihei Road.

Finding Sugar Beach Using Navigation

To find Sugar Beach using navigation, enter “61 N Kihei Rd” into your search.

Near this address, you will find a small parking lot suitable for about 10 cars. If this lot is full, head south along South Kihei Road or north along North Kihei Road, where you will find some street-side parking.

Driving Directions to Sugar Beach

Heading north from Kihei, follow South Kihei Road until you reach Kihei Canoe Club (opposite Ululani’s Shave Ice). Here there will be some roadside parking on the left.

Alternatively, continue on until you see the green sign for “Beach Access” and turn left to remain on South Kihei Road. Here you will find some additional parking.

πŸŒ… When to Visit Sugar Beach

Palm trees bend over the sand of Sugar Beach facing south

The best time to visit Sugar Beach is at sunset. The west-facing vista offers postcard-perfect views for that iconic Maui sunset.

Be aware, however, that the wind can pick up in the afternoon. This can make walking much more comfortable, but sitting out a little less desirable!

Any time of day tends to be quiet, so beating the crowds is never a concern. If you plan on spending some enjoying one of the most secluded of Kihei Beaches, just be prepared for the lack of shade and services.

During the winter months, it is a great place for whale watching. You can also spot turtles on the beach here year-round, particularly early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

πŸ“Έ Sugar Beach Photo Gallery

  • An idyllic photo of Sugar Beach facing north toward the West Maui Mountains framed by gold sand, green palm trees, and green ocean

The slideshow above demonstrates the scenery you can expect to find on a visit to this quiet, secluded beach. As you will see, crowds are rare and beauty is plentiful.

We capture all of these photos on our most recent visit to Sugar Beach in 2022.

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