October 2021


Silver Falls State Park adorned in all the colors of autumn.


After 6 months in a tiny space kicking so many to-dos down the road, we arrived at my parents’ house feeling deep underwater. 

The Pure Gold adventure was over and, suddenly, everything that had been ignored felt like it was pressing down from all sides; the calendars had to be printed, website ready for orders, shipping supplies, marketing, email campaigns, and everything else that goes into them.  We had a hard drive that was literally at capacity with memory cards needing to be emptied, blogs to write while we could still remember what we’d seen, debriefs and interviews and social media and inboxes to maintain and, of course, normal life stuff.  There were birthday parties, appointments to schedule, friends and family obligations, all this while we were still trying to unpack, and from a guest room in my parent’s home.

Heck, just creating and organizing the to-do list was a half-day job!

Meanwhile, the fall colors seemed to be bursting forth every time we would venture into town.  This was the first autumn I have spent in the US in about 5 years.  It felt like a moment we should be out exploring and capturing this seasonal gift, but instead we were trying to get to a point where we felt like we could breathe.  The idea of piling more photos and outings, or work, onto our plate felt more cumbersome than enjoyable… and yet, the fear of missing out loomed large as well.

During all this, we have been actively house-hunting for a place of our own near good friends up near Portland.  In between the calendar sales and birthday parties and blogs, we are spending hours each day pouring through listings and scheduling appointments.

Three weeks in, it became all too clear that we needed to find some sort of respite  Trying to find a place that felt like home from 4 hours away was an impossible task made tougher by an insanely inflated housing market.  Meanwhile, the hillsides of the Rogue Valley were transforming before our eyes.

On a Sunday night, we decided all of a sudden that we had to get out.  Just a few hours later, the car was packed for an impromptu trip to Portland for the week where we would look at as many places as we could and hoped to find home. 

But first, we needed a day outdoors.  We decided to visit Silver Falls State Park on the way north to fill our lungs with fresh air and photograph the fall colors in an absolutely idyllic setting.  We needed to hear the sound of a camera shutter and inhale the smell of moss and fallen leaves.


We arrived at Silver Falls State Park a few hours later than we had hoped to, having dropped off calendars and said hi to as many of you as we could along the way.  It was pouring when we pulled in, but the leaves were vibrant and spirits were high.

The unmistakable smell of autumn was rich in the air.  I filled my lungs with as much oxygen as I could in several large breaths.  With each exhale, the stress and anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed floated into the moist PNW breeze.

We had only a precious few hours to see as many of the falls as we could, but Silver Falls is actually a collection of 10 raging cascades!  Capturing them all felt unlikely already.

Our first stop was at South Falls, just a few hundred yards from the parking lot.  We were already floored.  The fall leaves were bursting with color even on a drab, rainy day.

The waterfall was raging like it rarely does in October, benefitting from plenty of recent and needed rainfall.  As a team, Sophie and I attempted to set up shots while keeping the lens as dry as possible.  Between the spray of the falls and the rain, this was an impossible battle to sustain but in between each wipe, we managed to sneak in some satisfying photos of this inspiring waterfall.

90 minutes later, we were still shooting this very same waterfall! Every new angle seemed to provide a unique but equally beautiful perspective.  The cage was open now and all of that pent up creative energy was gushing out as torridly as the waterfall itself. 

Somewhere behind the clouds, the sun must have been setting because the light was fading quickly.  Soaked to the bone but smiling ear to ear, Sophie and I walked back to the car.  We had managed to visit only 2 of 10 waterfalls, but we had no regrets whatsoever.

It is amazing how much the mind can sabotage the body.  Those times when we have too much to do are the hardest times to get anything done. 

When we are feeling most anxious, the instinct is to close the blinds and hide indoors when what we need more than anything is fresh air and fresher perspective.  


What came next on our visit is as much a part of the adventure as every step along the trail. 

Over a year ago, a stranger named Candace discovered my Facebook page like so many of you and began leaving kind comments on much of my work.  Despite only knowing each other through that page, she offered Sophie and I a place to stay near Silver Falls if ever we made it up. 

We arrived at her home and met her and her husband.  After drying off, we all went out for a beer and dinner at a casual place nearby.  The four of us laughed and gabbed like old friends.

I wanted to mention this specifically for two reasons: the first is as a small thank you to Candace  for the hospitality and friendship.

The second is because so much of social media these days feels inauthentic and detached.  I nearly deleted my accounts long ago falling into the same trap and feeling jaded by the superficiality of the medium.  Instead, I decided I would keep the platform and change my mindset, treating social media as if it were a real-life art gallery.  If someone commented on a photo, I would no sooner ignore them than I would someone who was in my gallery saying something kind.

The result of this are stories and friendships like the one I shared above.  I never take for granted that every single one of you who comment, subscribe, and support us are not just a “follower” or a number – you a person.  And what’s more, you are taking the time to share your joy and gratitude for our art.  

So thank you everyone reading this for being a member of the Moment of the Month Club and for being a friend.  Even if fate never allows us to share a beverage or meal together, we consider you friends and are grateful for you.


It was really tough to choose a favorite photo to feature this month; autumn is just a magical time to be at Silver Falls!

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The only big announcement this month is that we are optimistic that we will be moving to the Beaverton area in November! 

We are still looking for the right home and some furniture but I have a good feeling.  

It may be a little quiet as we work to catch up from the 6 month road trip while getting calendars out, but I am confident we will have some nice landscapes to share with you all from near our new home!


This month’s Photo of the Month was taken at Silver Falls State Park.

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Where to Next?
Hopefully, Beaverton!  We are hoping to find a place that feels like home and catch up on life, work, and relationships for most of 2021.  If all goes well, 2022 will be balanced and full of new adventures!

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