🏝 Maui Black Sand Beach 2024 Guide (Permits Required!)

Maui Black Sand Beach blog post cover photo.  Text overlaying an image of the famous black sand beach on the Road to Hana in Maui with black beach, palm trees, and turquoise ocean.

The most beautiful and famous black sand beach on Maui is Honokalani; a tropical oasis located in Waianapanapa State Park along the Road to Hana.

One of the absolute highlights of our first trip to Maui was camping at Honokalani overnight and photographing sunrise from the beach in the morning. As a photographer, I personally fell in love with the juxtaposition of the lush, vibrant greenery contrasting with the deep-black volcanic sand and tropical-blue ocean water.

I highly recommend camping to any of you who have the time! However, be aware that separate permits are now required for camping, parking, and entry to Waianapanapa State Park

In this guide, I will everything you need to know about the new permit requirements as well as where to find Maui’s Black Sand Beach, camping restrictions, photography tips, and more.

🌴 About Black Sand Beach, Maui: Quick Facts

There is a lot to know and consider prior to visiting Honokalani Beach. For example, separate reservations and tickets are required to park, visit, and camp at Waiʻānapanapa State Park.

The most important topics are briefly touched on below. I will cover each topic extensively further on in this guide to Maui Black Sand Beach.

OTHER NAMESMaui Black Sand Beach
Waiʻānapanapa Beach
Honokalani Beach
LOCATIONRoad to Hana Drive (East Maui region)
OPEN HOURS7am – 6pm daily
RESERVATIONSRequired in advance for parking, camping, and entry
ENTRY FEE$5/ person
(free for residents with ID)
PARKING FEE$10/ vehicle
(free for residents with ID)
CAMPING FEE$30/ night tent sites, $100/ night cabin
($20 & $70 for residents)
CLOSURESCan occur daily due to recent or impending storms, high surf, and other factors. Visit the state website here for daily closure updates.


🌺 Maui Black Sand Beach Reservations

Blue water, green palm trees, and black sand beach in Maui.

*As of April 2021, reservations have been required for non-Hawaii residents to visit AND park at Waiʻānapanapa State Park.*

This means that even if you are dropped off or visiting by foot, you will still need a permit to enter the park!

Reservations are only available in advance (no walk-ins permitted) with a minimum notice of 1-day and a maximum of 30-days.

The two ways to visit Black Sand Beach are with a tour company who will already have permits ready, or by booking your reservation in advance.

You can book your reservation on the Go Waiʻānapanapa website.

🔎 For even more information, see our complete guide to
Waianapanapa State Park Reservations

At no cost to you, we receive a small amount for any bookings made using the links below.

Black Sand Beach / Waiʻānapanapa State Park Reservation Summary

  • Separate reservations are required for parking and individual entry.
  • EACH visitor will need a reservation for entry.
  • Reservations are NOT required for Hawaii residents.
  • Reservation fees are $10 for parking and $5 per visitor entry.
  • Must be made at least 1 day in advance.
  • Cannot be made more than 30 days in advance.
  • The road to Black Sand Beach is private. Parking along it will result in being towed.
  • Permits have entry and exit times. You must leave before your ticket expires.
  • Book your reservations on the Go Waiʻānapanapa website.
  • Or, book a tour (which includes entry) HERE.

🚘 How to Get to Maui Black Sand Beach in Waiʻānapanapa State Park

Satellite view of Black Sand Beach and Waianapanapa State Park from Hana.

You will come across Waianapanapa State Park via a slight detour along the famous Road to Hana Hwy.

The park is located only 2.5 miles north of the famous Maui town of Hana. It is well-signed and maintained, located at the end of Waianapanapa Road.

Google Maps or most navigation apps will deliver you directly to the parking area. From here, it is a short walk to the black sand beach.

☀️ When to Visit Black Sand Beach

Sunrise photo by landscape photographer Adam Marland taken from Honokalani Black Sand Beach on Maui.

Sunrise is the best time to visit Black Sand Beach. This east-facing shoreline provides clear, beautiful views of the sun rising in a tropical setting. It is also the quietest time of day.

Alternatively, arriving the night before and camping overnight is the best option for those who are able to procure the permits and reservations necessary.

By camping at Waianapanapa State Park overnight, you will be able to break the long drive along the Road to Hana into two manageable chunks and catch sunrise from the beach.


⛺️ Camping at Black Sand Beach & Waianapanapa State Park

The view from our campsite high above Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach near Hana.

Camping at Black Sand Beach in Waianapanapa State Park is available by permit only. Campervans and tent-camping are both permitted, and cabins are available as well.

These requirements are consistent for visitors and Hawaiian residents alike, though the fees are lower for residents. Those are broken down as follows:


  • Residents = $20 Per Night, Per Campsite
  • Non-Residents = $30 Per Night, Per Campsite


  • Resident = $70 Per Night, Per Cabin
  • Non-Residents = $100 Per Night, Per Cabin

You can procure your camping permit here.

🚌 Tours to Maui Black Sand Beach

Drone photo of our white van driving over a bridge past a waterfall on the Road to Hana.

If procuring a permit and driving the curvy Road to Hana isn’t a particularly inviting option for you, then you may wish to consider booking a tour.

There are many top-rated Road to Hana day tours that include a visit to Black Sand Beach.

Booking a tour includes all the permits you require and means you can just sit back and enjoy the views! Below are some of the best Road to Hana tours, all including breakfast and lunch:

  • Road to Hana and Ka’eleku Cavern Small-Group Luxury Day Trip: 5/5 ⭐
    In addition to exploring the wonders of the Road to Hana, you will also tour the mysterious Ka’eleku Cavern. With up to 8 guests in a comfortable limo-van, you can avoid the crowds and enjoy the comforts of this luxury tour.
  • Small-Group Road to Hana Adventure: 5/5
    Enjoy this iconic Maui road, stopping at all the best sights with up to 10 guests. On this 10-hour tour, you will learn about Hawaiian culture and history from your professional guide, as well as have the option to take a dip in the ocean at the black sand beach or take a splash into a cascading waterfall.
  • Road to Hana Adventure: 4.5/5 ⭐
    This 12-hour, full-day tour will take you through the diverse and tropical beauty of the famous Road to Hana. Stops include Pai’a, Keanae, Wailua Falls, and Pua’a Ka’a State Park, as well as Wai’anapanapa State Park.

📸 Maui Black Sand Beach Photo Gallery

Below is a slideshow of my favorite photos from our first Maui Black Sand Beach visit.

Sophie and I stayed overnight at the campsite, then woke up early to capture a beautiful sunrise from Honokalani Beach.

  • Blue sky over green vegetation are featured in our morning photo from Maui Black Sand Beach.

These images showcase what you can expect from a trip to Waianapanapa State Park and why Honokalani is worth exploring.

Black Sand Beach FAQs

Where is the Black Sand Beach of Maui?

There are a couple of black sand beaches on Maui, but the most famous is Honokalani Beach located in Waianapanapa State Park near the town of Hana. Oneuli Beach is another popular black sand beach on Maui, located in Wailea.

Waves roll in under the palm trees of Maui Black Sand Beach
How do you get to Maui Black Sand Beach?

Black Sand Beach is located within Waianapanapa State Park and is accessed by turning onto Waianapanapa Road from the Hana Hwy. Be aware that one permit is now required to park, and a second, separate permit is needed for entry.

Can you camp at Maui Black Sand Beach?

You cannot camp on the beach, but you can camp at campsites or cabins in Waianapanapa State Park! Campsite fees are $20 for residents and $30 for non-residents. There are also cabins available for $70/$100 (resident vs non).

Do you need reservations for Black Sand Beach Maui?

Separate reservations are required for non-Hawaii residents to visit, park, and camp at Waianapanapa State Park. Fees are $10 for parking, $5 for entry, and must be booked at least one day in advance but cannot be booked more than 30 days before visiting.

Blue sky over green vegetation from water level at Maui Black Sand Beach.


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