August 2022

“PNW Majesty”

Lenticular clouds painted in fire over Sparks Lake in Central Oregon.


Another quiet month in terms of photography here.

Talking things over with family and friends, it seems increasingly obvious that the 6-month, 24-hr a day Michelob road trip left me literally and metaphorically burnt out. The heat, the demands, the non-stop nature of the journey, and the total disappointment in how it all transpired sapped so much of the joy (temporarily I’m sure) from road trips and photoshoots.

That said, Sophie and I have been hard at work creating new opportunities for travel. We have also been creating new travel guides, prints, products, and most notably, the new calendar!

While it may seem like we are taking a lot of time away, our need to create is simply being re-applied. Rather than chasing down every possible sunset and milky way and special moment, we are scratching the creation itch by working old photos and putting together photography guides to our favorite destinations.

That all said, September is going to be a wild month! We kick things off with a one-week visit to the Olympic Peninsula and San Juan islands, followed by a week in the Florida Keys, followed by a weekend at Mt Hood. Then in November, we will be spending most of the month in London and the UK…

In other words, this is just the calm before the storm!

With a moment owed to you loyal supporters and readers, however, I wanted to still do something special. In lieu of a new moment, I thought it would be fun to discuss the moment from the 2023 calendar cover photo, taken at Sparks Lake in Central Oregon on a cold summer morning…


In June of 2019, Sophie and I flew to our respective homes from an attempt at living in Thailand. While we had enjoyed our time there, it became clear that even though the cost of living was minimal, so was the opportunity to earn income.

Fortunately, I arrived back in Oregon just in time for a large family reunion that would take place in Sunriver for the first time. This would be my first time back in the most spectular region of Oregon since buying my very first DSLR, so I was as excited to get out and shoot as I was to see everyone.

On the flights home, I planned out my sunrises and sunsets for the 5 days I would have available. Sunsets were spread between family meals and key destinations, but sunrise was reserved for one special place: Sparks Lake.

I had seen photos from this scenic view and couldn’t find anything closer or better to our cabins. On the first day, while everyone else was enjoying drinks and playing games, I remained social but sober in anticipation of a late-night drive out to the lake where I would scout by flashlight, then catch a few hours of sleep.

I arrived at around midnight, grabbed a headlamp, and wandered about to see what I could see… which wasn’t much. I had a couple ideas but as much as I hated the thought of getting up any earlier than I already had to, I felt like it would be much easier to find my shot at dawn.

About 4 hours later, the alarm went off and I awoke to a calm lake on a beautiful morning. The sky was nearly devoid of clouds, save for a few that were forming above the mountains.

After hunting for about 20 minutes, I found the spot I would be calling home and watched in anticipation as those few sparse clouds continued to swirl, forming incredible lenticulars.

Not long after, the sun began to creep up and those same clouds began to burn bright with color. A low mist formed as the water warmed and the entire scene came to life. The camera did not stop firing and I knew already that I had “the one”.

I went back for 3 more sunrises, but after all those efforts, it was this first shot that remained my most popular and personal favorite shot.


Browse the slideshow below to view photos from the upcoming 2023 Natural Wonders of the PNW calendar.

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The 2023 Calendars are coming!!!!

We submitted our order early this year and are hoping to begin shipping and selling October! You, my dear friends, are the first to see what this year’s photos will be.

Our next task will be to set up an order page. When that is complete, I will personally email each of you with a link to get the first copies that go out 🙂

PS: Due to popular request, I have made this year’s calendar a matte version rather than glossy to allow easier notating with standard pens.




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