The True POWER of the mighty Radial Filter in Lightroom

Despite knowing all about the radial filter, it took me literally years before I realized how truly powerful this local adjustment tool is in Lightroom!

Ironically, it was one actually the one I used least in the beginning, but is now the one I lean on the most.

So what makes the radial filter so useful?

It is hard to explain without seeing it in action, but the radial filter allows us to create DIRECTIONAL light and truly curate the visual journey within our photos. Subtle changes to the luminosity in certain location forces the viewer to subconsciously observe the areas we want them to look.

While the brush and graduated filters certainly have their place, they are also the most likely tools to be used in a heavy-handed way.

This lesson explores the true power of the radial filter, showing you all the various ways it can be used and also revealing some hidden features that make it even more impressive.

Watch the video below for my full explanation.

Video Notes:
0:00 – Intro.
0:45 – Create a balanced exposure.
1:57 – Processing an entire photo with only radial filters.
7:26 – Introducing the “Range Masks”.
9:35 – Using the Brush WITHIN radial filters.

As you will see, Lightroom allows you unlimited creativity and opportunity to find YOUR style.

My goal with these video is to keep adding tools to your toolkit so that each time you are faced with another image, you have a bevy of options at your disposal to create the perfect result.

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Adam Marland is a professional travel blogger and landscape photographer from Oregon. After over a decade of experience as a freelance travel photographer, Adam found national acclaim when he became the National Park Foundation's “Chief Exploration Officer” in 2021.

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