5 Things you should NOT be doing in Adobe Lightroom

While 90% of my landscape photography workflow occurs in Lightroom, there are some things that I (almost) never do within the software, favoring Photoshop instead…


These are very simple tasks that even first-timers should be able to execute by following along with a photo of our own.

If you want to jump ahead, you can see these 5 items in the video notes below.

Video Notes:
0:00 – Intro
0:56 – How to move photos between Lightroom & Photoshop.
1:22 – Item 1: Spot Removal / Healing and Object Removal.
7:13 – Item 2: Dodging and Burning.
13:50- Item 3: Transforming (stretching) your image.
17:50 – Item 4: Denoising hot pixels with “Dust and Scratches” tool.
20:28 – Item 5: Selective Color Toning with HSL.

While I understand how intimidating Photoshop can be, I tend to think that starting off with just simple tasks like the ones in this video may help ease that barrier to entry.

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