Getting Started in Lightroom – Step 5: Advanced Features of Local Adjustments

Lightroom for beginners: Advanced features of local adjustments in lightroom

Once you understand the basics of the local adjustment tools in Lightroom, we can get into some more advanced applications and powerful settings hidden within these features.

These settings give us incredible control over the parts of the photo we want to affect. For example, we have the ability to target only vague or specific colors within our radial filter! Or, we can make changes based on whether the tones are bright, dark, or mids!

By the end of this lesson, you will know nearly all of the tools that the Lightroom Develop module has to offer! Of course, learning how to use them effectively is something that can only be achieved through mindful practice and repetition.

Watch this video to learn the powerful, hidden features of the local adjustment tools:

Video Notes:
0:00 Intro
0:58 Tip #1 – Presets (aka Effects)
2:26 Tip #2 – Luminance Range Mask
4:10 Tip #3 – Brush/Erase within filters
5:09 Tip #4 – Color Range Mask
7:16 Tip #5 – Change the COLOR of anything

This is it for the Getting Started in Lightroom series!! Take some time to absorb everything you’ve learned and when you’re ready, you can get into the more advanced series on this site!

Coming Soon:

I recommend you get some pen and paper for the next lesson, which explains the 5 things you should do before processing your photos, with an emphasis on deciding your intention beforehand.

5 Things to do BEFORE Processing Your Photos

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