How to Get Clean, Noise Free Night Photos with STACKING

Night photography (aka astrophotography) is one of the most enjoyable forms of landscape photography that I have discovered. It is also one of the most advanced.

A thorough understanding of how cameras work is required; specifically the ability to shoot in full manual mode.

If you are capable of shooting in full manual but are curious how to get close night photos that have well-exposed foregrounds without crazy amounts of noise, you should consider a method called stacking.

Stacking is a method of noise reduction that compares pixels across multiple, consecutively-shot photos to produce a clean image.

It is different from “blue hour blends” or “compositing” in that all photos are actually taken at night.

The video below not only explains how to stack your photos, but walks you through my entire night photography post-processing workflow!

Video Notes:
0:00 – Intro

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