Getting Started in Lightroom – Step 1: Importing Photos into LR

Lightroom for Beginners Importing Photos into Lightroom

Before you can begin processing your photos in Lightroom, you need to let the software know where those photos are located!  This process is called importing.

The process of importing in Lightroom is very straightforward.  Think of it like the “Open” function that you are more accustomed to, though it is slightly different.

I walk you through the Import process and explain how the software works step-by-step in the video below. In addition, you will learn the basic principles that you need to understand to get started in Lightroom.

Video Notes (Skip to these points if desired):
0:00 – Intro
1:00 – How to Import Photos.
2:00 – Importing explained – what is happening?
3:45 – Understanding the LIBRARY and DEVELOP Modules.
5:00 – Understanding the HISTORY function and non-destructive workflows.

Once you understand how to import your photos, how the Develop module works, and what is happening in Lightroom, you next need to understand how to EXPORT your photos.

Export Settings in Photoshop

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