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Night Skies of Oregon Calendar

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Local photographer and native Oregonian Adam Marland presents a collection of jaw-dropping photographs featuring Oregon’s famously dark skies and the celestial miracles that inhabit them.

Celebrate 2021 (and say goodbye to 2020) while supporting local artistry with a stunning gallery that fits right on your wall!

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We are so proud to present the We Dream of Travel 2021 Calendar by Oregon’s own Adam Marland.

This year’s theme is “Night Skies of Oregon”,  featuring a collection of inspired celestial imagery that showcases Oregon’s dramatic landscapes and famously dark skies.

    • Currently available to US residents only for logistical reasons.
    • All photos are available as PRINTS if you would like one enlarged!
      *Hint, the metal prints look spectacular!*

13 reviews for Night Skies of Oregon Calendar

  1. Chrissie Albright

    Your pictures are absolutely amazing! They invoke peace and cosmic connection. Thank you for all your hard work and sharing your gifts with the world.

    • We Dream of Travel

      Thank you so much for your kind words Chrissie! We’re so happy to hear you feel a connection to the images. This makes us so happy 🙂

  2. Lori Armstrong

    I have viewed your night sky photos through Instagram. I also have your beautiful pink moon photo hanging on my wall. Any of the photos picked will be absolutely breathtaking and I can’t wait to share some of these calendars with family and friends for Christmas. I will be placing an order. Thanks Adam and Sophie for sharing these in this way. Great idea!!!!!

    • We Dream of Travel

      Thank you so much Lori for your kind words! We love that you enjoy the print 🙂 We’re excited to see what photos our community choose for the calendar too.

  3. Cindy Johnston

    Awesome Beautiful pics. Would like to order soon.

    • We Dream of Travel

      Well thank you VERY much Cindy!! We appreciate the kind words and are at your service if you need any help ordering when the time comes 🙂

  4. amanda

    Round 2 winner

    • We Dream of Travel

      Thor’s Well was a very popular choice 🙂

  5. LisaLLarsen

    Your talent is mesmerizing every photo you shoot takes me to a place of hypnotic beauty.

    • We Dream of Travel

      That is such a kind and motivating thing to read Lisa. Thank you truly for being so generous with the praise, and for the support. I can’t wait to get these calendars sent out and hope they bring a year of joy in 2021!

  6. Patricia Rogers (verified owner)

    A review? How many ways can I tell you how skilled you are and how much I love your art. Each photo taken by the two of you is a treasure. I’m looking forward to receiving my calendars…one for my favorite uncle living in Lincoln City. I also think I need to change my order to 4. Can I do that or would it be easier for us both to just make another order?

    • We Dream of Travel

      Oh Patricia you are an absolute treasure!! We genuinely adore you and hope we can one day tell you in person how much we appreciate you over coffee or a sunset.

      As for the orders, you may as well hold off for now and we can put an updated order in closer to the time of shipping? Just in case that numbers turns to 6 or 8 😉

      Thank you for the all your participation, kind words, and support! You’re what they call down under “a legend!”

  7. Deborah

    Love them… their talented gifts for capturing the moments on film is just an extra bonus!

    • We Dream of Travel

      That is beyond sweet!! Oh my gosh Deborah thank you so much; it is nice to be appreciated for our craft but even better to be appreciated for our characters. The feeling is very mutual and we hope we get to say thank you in person some day!!

  8. Nadejda

    Your calendar is fantastic with a fascinating collection of photos! Thank you very much! I live with my family in Moscow, but I would really like to receive this wonderful gift for the new year and Christmas holidays! I love traveling very much!

    • We Dream of Travel

      Thank you so much for the kind words Nadejda!! We are truly sorry to say that we will not be able to get these shipped all the way to Russia. I will see about getting a digital copy from the printer when that time comes!

  9. Cheri Griffith (verified owner)

    Beautiful photography by an artist that takes the time to learn the area he is capturing, not just hijacking images to make a buck, at these prices he’s probably losing $ but he loves his work, has excellent customer service and while I know nothing about the craft I have see him patiently share his knowledge with others wanting to achieve his breathtaking results.

    • We Dream of Travel

      This may be the nicest thing anyone has ever written about me! Thank you so much Cheri, that is truly so kind!

  10. Jan Gordon

    Received my calendars and I’m excited to share them as gifts. The quality is superb! I love them! Of course it’s all due to the awesome photography. I’m ordering more.
    Thanks Adam for sharing your passion and professionalism! 🌠

    • We Dream of Travel

      That’s such wonderful news Jan! I’m so pleased you love the calendars and hope they will be loved as gifts too. Thank you for your support 🙂

  11. Karen Fay (verified owner)

    Sophie & Adam, your work is creative, thoughtful, and touches the heart. Thank you for capturing such beauty for all of us who fall asleep at 9:15pm. God love you!
    Keep adventuring, and we’ll keep living vicariously. 🙂

    • We Dream of Travel

      Thank you so much Karen. We’re so happy to hear that you enjoy our work and appreciate your support 🙂

  12. Larry Cerullo (verified owner)

    Just ordered my second pair of calendars. They are exquisite. Adam is an incredible photographer and deserves far more accolades than he has received so far! Calendars (and his prints too) are shipped quickly and packed.expertly. obviously I am thrilled with my purchases. Thank you Adam and Sophie! Larry Cerullo, Powell Butte, Oregon.

    • We Dream of Travel

      Oh Larry, I don’t think I can convey how much I appreciate these truly kind and gracious words!! Thank you, genuinely, for the support, patronage, and accolades. It means the world!!

  13. Jeanne Yohn (verified owner)

    I purchased this as a gift and I know the recipient will be thrilled. The photographs are stunning! It was fun being part of the community helping to choose the which photographs went into the calendar. Adam is an incredibly talented photographer, and very genuine and friendly with his followers on social media.

    • We Dream of Travel

      Oh Jeanne this is just so nice to see!! Thank you for the patronage, kind words, and contribution to this project!! We are so grateful to you for your support and kindness!

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