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TO provide our beloved supporters with an exclusive monthly escape to one of the world's most beautiful destinations, accompanied by detailed stories & honest insights.


For every profoundly beautiful moment we share on Facebook and Instagram, there is a story.

Our goal was to find a creative way to expand the experience from beyond just social media posts.  We wanted to find a way to take you all with us! 

Once per month, we are going to get deep and personal.  We are going to share rich, detailed stories that compliment our favorite photo of the month.  This photo will be offered exclusively to our club members and will not appear on social media!

What did it take to capture that moment?  Was it carefully planned, or just serendipitous fortune?

Was it a dreamlike moment filled with unbridled exultation, or was it a grueling and exhaustive endeavor?

What challenges, opportunities, and preparation culminated in the execution of the final photo?

What is it really like to be a full-time travel and landscape photography couple, sharing small spaces for months on end?  Spoiler alert, it is not the life Instagram would have you believe!


You will receive a monthly email with a link to the Moment of the Month along with a “secret knock” that will grant you access!

The Moment of the Month will include:

1:  An exclusive “Hero Image” that will not be shared anywhere else on the internet. 
2:  A rich, detailed story of what it took to capture the Hero Image.
3:  A slideshow of other photos captured during the featured moment.
4:  A desktop & mobile version of our Photo of the Month that can be used for your desktop or wallpaper.

BONUS:  Moment of the Month print discounts!  

All members will receive a code for 10% OFF PRINTS in any size or medium desired for all featured photos.


We never set out to make a livelihood from our interest in travel & photography, but as those interests became uncontrollable passions, we realized we could never do anything else.

Even when we started thinking about our art as a business, we never wanted our income to come from fans of our work, if we could avoid it.


However, we have come to realize that many of you find joy in what we do and want a way to support us!  The Moment of the Month club was created to provide us a small source of stable income without creating a financial burden for our fans.

We don’t want anyone to feel financially burdened or priced out of joining the Moment of the Month Club!

After much discussion, we landed on a commitment of just $1.50 per month.  We truly hope that feels reasonable and affordable for everyone.

Once registered, $1.50 will be collected automatically  on the first of each month when the Moment of the Month email is delivered.

We accept any major credit or debit card, as well as PayPal.

All payments will be processed through PayPal’s secure servers (including credit/debit transactions).

Once registered, your monthly membership contribution will be automatically collected via PayPal.  At no point will we have or request direct access to your payment information!

Of course!  We have created a free, publicly accessible Moment of the Month to showcase what you can expect each month.

To view, just click here or on the button below!

We wanted to begin with a very simple idea to create a more immersive, entertaining experience for our audience.  However, we are already considering what other things we could do to provide even more value.

Some of the membership upgrades we are considering offering in the future include:

  • An aspiring photographer’s membership option, providing EXIF data, detailed descriptions of techniques used, compositional considerations, behind-the-scenes video, and even a video walk through of our post processing workflow for the Moment of the Month hero photo.
  • An exclusive group for members only to share their own moments, meet up with us, get travel and photography insights, etc.
  • Members-only discounts / invites to photography workshops.
  • Fine Art print raffles
  • And whatever else YOU suggest!

We are so excited you want to become a member!  This is going to be a lot of fun.

To sign up, all you have to do is click here or on the button below, enter payment information into PayPal’s secure server, and confirm your email!  From then on, you will automatically receive a monthly email directing you to the Moment of the Month.

Yes!  If for any reason you’re not enjoying the Moment of the Month Club or can no longer commit, you can absolutely unsubscribe at any time.

Each email will include an unsubscribe option so you can opt out at any time.