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There we were, two solo-travelers who had each been exploring the world independently for years.  And then, one random Monday night at a small local bar in Melbourne, Australia, destiny brought us together over cheap beer and cider.  We chatted only long enough to exchange info.

A few days later, we arranged to have coffee, which led to brownies, which led to mimosas in the park.  We would go on to spend the afternoon discovering just how much we had in common.  There was a rare connection and sense of understanding that is seldom shared in this unusual lifestyle. We also shared an unshakable passion for travel, photography, and a life of sustained liberation.

Of course, we ultimately ignored this seemingly fateful, serendipitous discovery of like-minded souls.  Each unwilling to compromise our independence, Adam caught his scheduled flight for New Zealand while Sophie traveled up the East coast of Australia.

Almost 5 months later, fate would interject once more.  Adam returned from New Zealand to finish his work/holiday visa in Cairns – the very city where Sophie happened to be working.  This time, we accepted what destiny was proving an undeniable connection.  The rest, as they say, is history.

We Dream of Travel is the web-child of two travel-centric photographers.  The desire to share our passions with the world has culminated in this website, dedicated to providing in-depth travel guides and photographic inspiration to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Meet Sophie

Photographer / Influencer / Blogger Sophie Clapton poses with camera.

Hi, I’m Sophie!

My love for travel and photography are outweighed only by my love for animals.

I am originally from near London, but have been traveling full-time since 2015.  In each country we visit, I try to seek out the most beautiful beaches, mountains, waterfalls, or unique landscapes that it has to offer.

When I can find the time to relax, I like to take hot baths, drink copious amounts of tea and coffee while eating shortbread biscuits, and watch anything narrated by David Attenborough.

My favourite travel destination so far would have to be Antarctica, in part because of how beautiful and remote it is, but also because of how many adorable penguins I was surrounded by.

Meet Adam

Hi, I’m Adam!

My travels began in 2011 when I left my life in corporate America in response to a life crisis.  I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, so I just started driving.

Almost a decade later and I am still living a life constantly on the go!  During that time, I have discovered a lot of things I love and hate, and discovered the thing that fulfills me more than anything else in this world; photography.

I don’t like to relax, but I do enjoy watching NBA Basketball and use it as an excuse for downtime.  I also enjoy chess, wasting way too many otherwise-productive hours staring at those silly squares.

My favorite travel destinations are any with unusual natural landscapes, such as Iceland or my home-state of Oregon.

**All photos contained in this photography-based travel blog are copyright of Adam Marland & Sophie Clapton. 
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